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What happened to the Lotus Hotel and Casino debut cards?

Like, Annabeth paid the taxi driver with hers so they still had them, but where did they go? Did they ever mention them again?
Edit: I just realized I misspelled debit but I don't know how to change it, so...
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I was going to post a map of the locations (in North America) all the major demigods are from (that are known) but I can't so instead I'm going to list them out

--PJO Half Blood gang-- Percy- Manhattan, New York (duh)
Annabeth- Richmond, Virginia and later San Francisco
Luke- Westport, Connecticut
Thalia- Pasadena, California
Clarisse- Phoenix, Arizona
Will Solace- Austin, Texas
Nico (& Bianca)- born in Venice, very temporary moved to a hotel in Washington D.C., and then stuck in Las Vegas for for 70 years in the Lotus Hotel and Casino
--Camp Jupiter crew--
Jason- born in Pasadena before getting yeeted out of the house and then raised by Lupa in the Wolfs House, which is in Glen Ellen, north of San Francisco by 1 hour and 46 minutes according to maps
Piper- Malibu, and also visited Tahlequah where her dad was from with decent frequency
Leo (best boy)- Houston, Texas
Hazel- New Orleans before getting owned and also owning the island in Seward, Alaska where she was forced to raise Alcyoneus
Frank(other best boy)- Vancouver, British Columbia
Reyna- San Juan, Puerto Rico before landing in C.C.s Spa and Resort, then obviously becoming the judge jury and executioner of Camp Jupiter
(It's not explicitly stated that he's from San Fran but worst boy Octavian is said to he from a long line of Camp Jupiter attendees)
Never realized before looking into this basically all of them are from the Northeast, the region surrounding Texas, or the West Coast minus Clarisse who's chillin' in mega hot world
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What's something you HAVE to see portrayed correctly in the Disney+ series?

There's no doubt in my mind that as long as Rick is still part of the production, we'll finally get an on-screen portrayal that does the series justice but I'm still curious! What do you really want to see in the series? It could be particular scenes, characters, traits, lines, etc.
Here's some of mine:
Grover - he NEEDS to be accurately portrayed. Personally, I feel like in headcanons especially he's always shown as stupid, comic relief (which I don't deny - the boy has some great one-liners) BUT I really want them to show the intimidated, insecure but very determined character he is. For example, in the movie, (and yes I know what a trash-fire depiction THAT was) Grover's shown to be like this funny ladies' man satyr(?) when in the books, Grover cries a lot and acts like a simp around pretty naiads.
"You drool in your sleep" - If this line isn't included, I will cry. Jk (kinda) just do the whole Percabeth relationship justice please :)
FINALLY an easter egg I wanna see is Nico + Bianca in the Lotus Hotel and Casino! It's kind of iffy as to the exact timing of when they left (just that it was during TLT events) but I think it would be really cool if the actors for them were included in some way. Maybe they could be playing inside in the Lotus Hotel or across the street leaving the hotel before Percy, Annabeth, and Grover go in. Just something really subtle that we won't even realize until after Nico + Bianca are officially introduced and we go back and think "omg they were included in this scene and we had no idea until now."
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Still a WIP —
1860s 1861-1865: American Civil War. Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood fight, are subsequently separated from each other’s knowledge by the gods.
1930s Mid to-late 1930s: Bianca di Angelo and Nico di Angelo are born. Dec. 17, 1935: Hazel Levesque born.
1940s 1940/1941: Great Prophecy is given. Big Three vow not to have any more children. Fall 1941: Maria di Angelo is killed. Bianca and Nico di Angelo are put into the Lotus Hotel and Casino. Curse is placed on the Oracle. Dec. 17, 1941: Pluto visits Hazel Levesque and her mother in New Orleans. Early 1942: Hazel and her mother move to Alaska. Mid to late-1942: Hazel and her mother die.
1970s Early to mid-1970s: Sally Jackson born. Mid to late-1970s: Sally’s parents die in plane crash near Ontario when she’s five years old.
1980s General: Michael Varus leads the Fifth Cohort to Alaska and never returns. Mid to late-1980s: Sally Jackson’s uncle dies of cancer while she’s in her senior year of high school. 1986: Luke Castellan born. 1987/1988: May Castellan tries and fails to become the new Oracle. Dec. 22, 1988: Thalia Grace born.
1990s Summer-Winter 1992: Poseidon meets Sally Jackson. Percy conceived. February 1993: Annabeth Chase born. Aug. 18, 1993: Percy Jackson born. 1993: Frank Zhang born. 1994/1995: Jason Grace, Leo Valdez and Piper McLean born. 1996: Mrs. Grace gives Jason to Hera as her ward. 1997: Jason trains with Lupa and arrives at Camp Jupiter. 1997/1998: Sally Jackson marries Gabe Ugliano. Thalia and Luke run away, and meet each other.
2000s 2000: Annabeth runs away from home, encounters Luke and Thalia. 2000/2001: Annabeth and Luke arrive at Camp Half-Blood. Thalia is turned into a tree. 2002: Esperanza Valdez dies in a fire. Leo is put in a foster home. Sept. 2005 OR Jan. 2006: Mrs. Dodds teaches pre-algebra at Yancy Academy. Percy starts Yancy Academy in September. Dec. 22, 2005: Luke steals Zeus’s master bolt. March/April 2006: Mrs. Dodds attacks Percy at the museum. May/June 2006: Percy is kicked out of Yancy Academy, attacked by the Minotaur and brought to Camp Half-Blood for the first time. mid-June 2006: Percy’s first quest. June 20, 2006: Percy returns the master bolt to Zeus on Olympus, meets his father for the first time. Aug. 18, 2006: Percy turns 13. Late Aug. 2006: Luke is revealed to be a traitor and disappears from Camp Half-Blood. Fall 2006: Percy meets Tyson. Spring/Summer 2007: Bianca and Nico di Angelo are pulled out of the Lotus Casino and Hotel, and enrolled in school by Mrs. Dodds/Alecto. June 2007: Grover is kidnapped. Thalia’s tree is poisoned. Annabeth, Percy, Tyson and Clarisse go on a quest to the sea of months. Percy and Annabeth encounter Hylla on Circe’s island. Thalia is resurrected. Aug. 18, 2007: Percy turns 14. SummeFall 2007: Hylla and Reyna escape from Circe’s island and go their separate ways. Reyna ends up at Camp Jupiter. December 2007: Percy meets Nico, Bianca, and the Hunters for the first time. Annabeth is kidnapped. Sally starts dating Paul. Dec. 20, 2007: Bianca di Angelo dies. Dec. 21, 2007: Percy meets Rachel Elizabeth Dare for the first time. Zoe Nightshade dies. Thalia joins the Hunters. Late 2007/Early 2008: Clarisse explores the labyrinth. Early 2008: Silena is recruited as a spy. Spring 2008: Luke visits Annabeth and asks her to run away with him. Early June 2008: Percy meets Rachel Elizabeth Dare again. Annabeth starts the quest in the labyrinth. Mid-June 2008: Percy is stranded on Calypso’s island for two weeks. Late June 2008: Luke’s body is taken over by Kronos. Battle of the Labyrinth occurs. Lee Fletcher and Castor die. July 4, 2008: Festus is discovered and turned on. Percy and Annabeth attend the fireworks together. Aug. 18, 2008: Percy turns 15. Late Dec. 2008: Nico, Thalia and Percy go to the Underworld on a quest for the sword of Hades. Late 2008/Early 2009: Sally marries Paul Blofis. Nico discovers and visits Camp Jupiter for the first time. June 24, 2009: Jason and Reyna are elected praetors of Camp Jupiter. Aug. 11, 2009: Rachel kisses Percy. Charles Beckendorf dies. Aug. 14-18, 2009: Battle of Manhattan occurs. Silena Beauregard, Michael Yew and others die. Aug. 18, 2009: Luke Castellan dies. Percy turns 16, fulfilling the Great Prophecy. Rachel Elizabeth Dare becomes the Oracle. Percy and Annabeth start dating. Fall 2009: Thanatos is captured by Gaia’s forces. Underworld starts to leak. Zeus cuts off communication to the demigods and Hera is captured. September 2009: Nico finds Hazel in the Underworld and brings her to Camp Jupiter. October 2009: Jason goes missing from Camp Jupiter. Dec. 15, 2009: Percy goes missing from Camp Half-Blood. Dec. 18, 2009: Jason appears on the Wilderness School Bus with no memory. Dec. 19, 2009: Jason, Leo and Piper leave on their quest. Dec. 21, 2009: Jason and Thalia are reunited. Dec. 22, 2009: Jason, Leo and Piper free Hera, and return to Camp Half-Blood.
2010s Late April 2010: Emily Zhang dies. Frank goes to Lupa. May 2010: Frank Zhang arrives at Camp Jupiter. April/May 2010: Percy wakes up and trains with Lupa. Late May/Early June 2010: Percy starts journey toward Camp Jupiter, is waylaid by gorgons. June 19: Percy arrives at Camp Jupiter. June 20-24: Frank, Hazel and Percy go on quest to get the Roman standard back. Percy’s memory returns. June 24, 2010: Percy elected as a praetor of Camp Jupiter. June 25, 2010: The Argos II arrives at Camp Jupiter.
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1 Episode 5 (pt 1)

I know this took a really long time, hope you guys like it.
If you work for Disney, this is a pitch.

Jack Dylan Grazer as Percy Jackson
Cassidy Nugent as Annabeth Chase
Nick Palatas as Grover Underwood
Liv Tyler as the Nereid
Sylvester Stallone as Gabe Ugliano
Barbra Walters as herself
Vin Diesel as Crusty
Idris Elba as Charon
Andy Serkis as Evil Voice
Hugo Weaving as Hades
Dwayne Johnson as Ares

Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
Season one episode five: “And I Thought Airport Security Was Ridiculous” or “Will the Real Lightning Thief Please Stand Up?” screenplay
PERCY, ANNABETH and GROVER get into the back of a taxi cab.
(Bored, uninterested, cigar in mouth)
Where to, kids?
(Calm, confident)
Los Angeles, please.
(Raises eyebrow, puffs on cigar)
Dat’s three hundred miles from here, miss. You’ll have to pay upfront.
Do you take casino debit cards?
Depends. I’ll have to give it a swipe.
ANNABETH hands the cab driver her LotusCash card, and he looks at it skeptically. He rolls his eyes and swipes it, and the meter begins rattling and the lights on it flash. When an infinity symbol appears on the meter, the cabby’s cigar drops out of his mouth in shock.
(Shocked, excited)
W-where in Los Angeles, your highness?
(Sits up a little, smiles)
Santa Monica pier, please. Get us there by evening, and you can keep the change.
The cabby slams down the gas pedal, and several cars honk at him as he flies down the street. As they head through the Mojave desert, PERCY tells ANNABETH and GROVER about the dream he had before they went to the Lotus Hotel and Casino.
… And then the voice in the pit saw me. He showed me my mother… and a black throne carved with faces screaming in agony. And then…
… The undead soldiers put a red robe and a laurel of thorns on me… and then I became one of them.
Well that got dark fast.
There’s something else. The guy in the cloak, the Lightning Thief, called the voice something… The… “Something” One…
(Disappointed, blunt)
Well that’s incredibly unspecific. Was it the Rich One? The Silent One? Those are both nicknames for HADES.
Well, the throne sounds like the way HADES’S throne is described. Black obsidian carved with faces of damnation.
Yeah but… the throne wasn’t the main part of the dream. And the voice in the pit… I dunno, it just doesn’t feel like the voice of a god. It seemed… older.
ANNABETH’S eye get wide with dread.
What? What’s wrong?
(A bit uneasy)
N-nothing. I was just thinking… no. It has to be HADES. He probably sent the Lightning Thief to steal the MASTER BOLT, and something must’ve went wrong-
Like what?
-I don’t know. But to steal something as important as the MASTER BOLT, and the fact that ZEUS has his best trackers on the job, a lot of stuff could go wrong. So, the thief could’ve hidden the bolt, or maybe even lost it. Anyway, the thief failed to deliver the BOLT to HADES, that’s what the voice in your dream said, right? The Lightning Thief failed. That explains what the Furies were looking for when they attacked us on the bus. They probably thought we had the BOLT.
PERCY notices a hint of anxiety in ANNABETH’S eyes, and sees that she seems to be shaking a bit.
(Suspicious, confused)
But… if HADES thinks I already have the BOLT, why would I be coming to the UNDERWORLD?
To blackmail him into giving your mom back.
You know, you have pretty dark thoughts for a goat.
But… the voice said he was waiting for two items. If the MASTER BOLT’S one, what’s the other?
GROVER shrugs.
(Turns to ANNABETH, knowing look in his eyes)
You know what it is, don’t you? The voice in the pit?
(Hesitant, worried)
PERCY, I… let’s not talk about it. It’s probably HADES.
I just… I just feel like there’s something we’re still missing.
Well, I guess we’ll find the answer in the UNDERWORLD.
PERCY forlornly looks out the window at the desert scenery whizzing past.
The kids head to the edge of the surf.
Well? What now?
PERCY stares out over the ocean, and gets a longing look in his eyes. He takes a deep breath, taking in the ocean air, and slowly steps into the water.
(Surprised, worried)
PERCY? What are you-
PERCY ignores her, and continues walking into the water.
Dude, do you have any idea how polluted that water is?
PERCY, get out of there. You’ll grow a third-
Once PERCY gets chest deep into the water, he dives under, disappearing from ANNABETH and GROVER’S view.
PERCY holds his breath at first, then remembers he can breathe underwater, and lets himself breathe normally.
That’s gonna take some getting used to.
He looks around the water, curious, then notices a mako shark right beside him.
(Startled, jumps)
PERCY calms down when he realizes the shark is not trying to harm him, and it nuzzles up against him like a dog. PERCY hesitantly touches the shark’s dorsal fin, and it bucks gently, inviting PERCY to hold on tighter. PERCY grabs onto the shark’s fin, and it takes off, blasting through the water like a rocket, pulling PERCY along.
Whoa, boy!
The shark pulls PERCY deeper and deeper into the ocean.
(Slightly worried)
Where are you taking me?
The shark begins to slow down, and PERCY catches his breath when they come to a huge, gaping, pitch black canyon.
(Quiet, gentle, far away)
PERCY is surprised to hear the voice of the river spirit he spoke to in St. Louis.
PERCY makes out a light in the darkness of the canyon, and it slowly gets bigger until he sees beautiful woman with black hair, her body glowing gently with white light, wearing a flowing, greenish-white silk dress. She dismounts, smiles, and gives PERCY a small bow. Her giant seahorse and the mako shark begin playfully chasing each other.
(Smiling, kind)
You have come far, my hero. Well done.
PERCY awkwardly bows, as she did.
(Small laugh)
You are prince, PERCY JACKSON, you need not bow to me.
You’re the spirit I talked to in the Mississippi River, aren’t you?
Yes, child. I am a Nereid, a spirit of the sea. It was not easy for me to travel so far up river, but my freshwater cousins, the naiads, were able to help me sustain myself. The naiads honor your father, though they do not serve in his court.
And… you do? Serve in his court, I mean?
Indeed. I must say, it has been many long years since a son of the sea god has been born. My sisters and I have watched over you with great interest.
(Confused, a bit resentful)
If my dad’s so interested in me, why doesn’t he come talk to me in person?
A cold current rises out of the canyon, and almost knocks PERCY off his feet.
(Sad, gentle)
Do not judge the Lord of the Sea too harshly. Your father is incredibly busy; he now stands on the brink of an unwanted war. And apart from that, your father is forbidden from helping you directly. Gods mustn’t show favoritism, you know.
(Surprised, a bit sad)
Even to their own children?
Especially to their own children. However, the gods can work through indirect influences, which is why your father has sent me to give you a warning; and a gift.
The Nereid holds out her hand, and shows PERCY three gleaming white pearls.
You journey to the realm of HADES. Few have returned from that place; Orpheus, who possessed great musical skill, Hercules, who possessed great strength, Houdini, who could escape even the depths of TARTARUS. Have you any of these talents?
Um… well… no.
(Kind smile)
But you possess something else, PERCY JACKSON. Gifts you have yet to know. The oracles have foretold great and terrible future for you, should you survive to manhood. Your father would not have you die before your time comes. Therefore, he wishes to give you these pearls. When you are in need, smash them at your feet.
(Tentatively takes the pearls)
… What do they do?
That depends on the manner of your need. But remember this; what belongs to the sea will always return to the sea.
(Stares at the pearls with wonder)
You said you also came to give me a warning. What is it?
(Leans forward)
Listen to your heart, or you shall fail. HADES feeds upon doubt and hopelessness. He will try to trick you into mistrusting yourself. Once you enter the Realm of the Dead, he will never willingly let you leave. You must keep strong, and have faith.
The Nereid mounts her giant seahorse, and slowly descends back into the dark canyon.
Wait! Back in St. Louis, you told me not to trust “the gifts”. What gifts?
(Voice becoming distant)
Farewell, my young hero. Listen to your heart…
The Nereid disappears into the darkness, leaving PERCY alone with the mako shark. PERCY gives the pearls an empty look, then begins swimming back to the surface.
PERCY shows the pearls to his friends.
This can’t be good. No gift ever comes for free.
But… she just gave them to me. No strings attached.
You ever heard the saying, “No such thing as a free lunch”? It’s an Ancient Greek saying that works pretty well in English, especially in America. There will be a price, just wait and see.
PERCY puts the pearls in his pocket, a slightly worried/disappointed look on his face. Later, as night falls, the kids cautiously wander around L.A., police sirens blaring in the back ground. ANNABETH notices a cop car coming, and pulls the boys into an alley. Once the cop car passes, they cautiously leave the alley.
Phew… that was a close-
PERCY stops mid-sentence when he sees a his stepdad GABE, who is sitting with a pretty blonde woman, being interviewed by Barbra Walters on a TV in an appliance store.
(Feigning grief)
Honest, Ms. Walters, if it weren’t for Sugar here, my grief counselor, I… I don’t know what I’d do. My stepson took everything I care about… my wife… my car… I just…
For some reason I don’t think she’s a grief counselor.
(Wipes away fake tear)
I’m sorry, I have a hard time talkin’ bout it.
(Overly dramatic, turns to camera)
There you have it, America. A man torn apart. An adolescent boy with serious issues. Here’s the last known photo of the troubled young fugitive, taken in Denver, Colorado, about a week ago.
A grainy image of PERCY, ANNABETH and GROVER talking to ARES outside the diner in Denver comes up on the screen next to Barbra Walters.
(Over dramatic)
Who are the other children in this photo? Who is the man with them? Is PERCY JACKSON simply a delinquent, a terrorist, or perhaps the brainwashed victim of a frightening new cult? When we come back, we’ll chat with leading child psychologist. Stay tuned, America.
PERCY’S face becomes twisted with fury, and GROVER gently grabs him by the shoulder.
Come on, dude. Let’s get going.
The kids begin wandering around L.A., and become nervous when they notice some shady people hanging around. They past by some people who look like gangbangers, bums, and various other suspicious looking people.
Hey, kid!
PERCY, startled, stops, and a homeless looking man comes out of an alley.
Spare some change?
(Awkward, nervous)
Um… sorry, no.
Several other bums come out of the dark alley, and when the kids try to run, several bums come up from behind them, staring the kids down threateningly. The first bum pulls out a switch blade, and PERCY uncaps Riptide, shocking the bums. PERCY swings his blade at the bum leader, but it passes through him as if he were a hologram.
What the-!?
(Surprised, disappointed)
Oh right, I, uh… I forgot about that.
ANNABETH kicks one of the bums in the crotch, causing him to crumple to the ground in pain.
The kids start running down the sidewalk, the bums chasing after them, shouting at them to come back. The kids rush around a corner, and ANNABETH sees an open shop called “CRUSTY’S WATER BED PALACE”.
The kids run into the shop, hide behind a display bed in the window, and the bums run past.
Phew… I think we lost them.
Lost who?
(Startled, jump)
The kids turn around to see a tall, pale, bald man in a tacky leisure suit and silver chains around his neck, standing right behind them.
(Grinning creepily, showing off yellow teeth)
How ya’ll doin? I’m Crusty.
(Holding back a laugh, quiet)
Yes, you are.
(Raises eyebrow)
(Slightly embarrassed, awkward)
I said, uh… sorry to barge… in.
Hidin’ from them lowlifes, huh? Yeah, they hang around here every night. I get a lotta people comin’ in here cuz of them. So…
(Gestures around shop)
… Can I interest you kids in a water bed?
Um… I mean, uh… I don’t really think I need-
CRUSTY gracefully sweeps up behind PERCY, grabs him by the shoulders, and pushes him deeper into the shop.
Uh, okay, this is weird…
CRUSTY proudly gestures to a vibrating bed with lava lamps and black satin sheets.
Million hand massage. Why don’t you lie down? Hell, take a nap, I don’t care.
Um, no, I think we’ll be leave-
Dude, million hand massage?! No way!
GROVER jumps into the massage bed.
(Voice vibrating)
O-oh d-dude, th-this is s-so s-sweet!
(Disappointed, stroking chin)
Hmm, not quite…
Huh? Not quite what?
(Takes ANNABETH by the shoulder)
Do me a favor, honey, and try this one over here.
I… but…
CRUSTY ushers ANNABETH over to a bed, and tries pushing her into it.
Hey! Get your hands off-
(Snaps fingers)
Ropes grow out from under the bed, and strap ANNABETH down to the mattress.
(Panicking, screaming)
GROVER tries to get out of his bed, but ropes tie him down as well.
I-it’s n-not s-sweet a-anymore, d-dudes!
(Steps back, shocked)
What the hell are you-
(Quickly places hand behind PERCY’S neck)
Whoa, take it easy, kid. I’ll get you your own bed in a sec.
(Assertive, serious)
Let my friends go.
(Calm, friendly)
Oh don’t worry, I will. Soon as I make ‘em fit.
(Confused, angry)
Fit? What do you-
Lemme explain. All the beds are exactly six feet. Your friends are too short, see, so I gotta stretch ‘em out a bit. Can’t stand imperfect measurements…
CRUSTY snaps his fingers again, and more ropes wrap around GROVER and ANNABETH’S feet and arms, and begin slowly stretching them. PERCY watches in horror as his friends scream in pain.
(Angry, shouting)
Let them go, now!
Don’t worry, they only need a few inches. Hell, they might even survive! Now, why don’t we get you set up with a bed you like, huh?
(Screaming in pain)
(Screaming in pain)
Your name’s not really CRUSTY, is it?
Legally, it’s PROCRUSTES.
The Stretcher. The one who tried to kill Theseus with hospitality.
That’s me. But who can pronounce Procrustes? ‘Crusty’ on the other hand, much easier to market.
(Eyes get wide, gets an idea)
Uh… yeah! I totally agree. Has a nice ring to it.
You think so?
Oh, absolutely. And the craftsmanship on these beds is simply fabulous.
I tell my customers that all the time. I mean, how many beds have you seen with lava lamps built into the headboards?
Not too many.
(Angry, confused, screaming in pain)
Don’t mind her. She couldn’t never understand the art of a well crafted bed.
(Sighing, disappointed)
None of my customers do. Never exactly six feet, so inconsiderate. And then they have the nerve to complain about the fittings!
So… what do you do if they’re taller than six feet?
Oh, easy fix. I just center the customer best I can, then grab my trusty friend here-
(Lets go of PERCY’S neck, reaches behind desk, pulls out huge, double sided bronze axe)
- And I lop off whatever hangs off either side!
(Surprised, nervous)
Oh… well, I mean, that’s just perfectly sensible.
Oh, you have no idea what it feels like to finally have an intelligent customer!
PERCY worriedly look over to his friends, ANNABETH gasping for air, struggling against the ropes, GROVER making strangled gurgling sounds.
So… CRUSTY, my man, this bed…
(Gestures to giant heart shaped bed with red satin sheets)
… Does it really have dynamic stabilizers to stop wave motion?
Sure does. Why don’t you give it a try?
(Stroking chin, pretending to be interested)
Yeah, maybe I will. But… would it work even for a big guy like you?
Really? No waves at all?
None. Guaranteed.
(Pretending to be skeptical)
No way.
Prove it.
PROCRUSTES puts his axe down, lies in the bed, and pats the mattress.
See? No waves at all-
(Snaps fingers)
Ropes spring out of the sides of the bed, tying PROCRUSTES down to it, his head hanging off the top.
(Shocked, angry)
What the-?!
(Frowns, feigning disappointment)
Oooh, sorry, man. Looks like you don’t quite fit…
(Uncaps Riptide)
… Let me make a few adjustments.
(Anxious, gulps)
Whoa, uh, y-you drive a hard bargain, kid. Tell you what; let me go, and I, uh… I’ll give you thirty percent off any of the floor models!
(Sarcastic, pretending to consider offer)
Really? Any of the floor models?
Y-yep! A-and no money down. And no interest for six months.
Hm. That’s a pretty tempting offer. But I think I have a better one.
Really? What’s that?
(Raises Riptide, aiming for PROCRUSTES’S neck)
That’s not a-
PERCY swings Riptide down, and chops off PROCRUSTES’S head, turning the giant salesman to yellow dust and black smoke, then quickly cuts GROVER and ANNABETH’S ropes.
You alright?
Define “alright”.
You look taller.
Very funny. Could you maybe be faster saving us next time?
PERCY heads behind CRUSTY’S desk, and begins flipping through papers. He finds a pouch of drachmas, and puts them in his pocket, then finds a map.
So, who’s ready to go to the UNDERWORLD?
Dude, give me a sec…
(Stretches, back makes sickening ‘pop’ sound)
Oooo, that was good. Okay, I’m ready.
(Holds up map he found on CRUSTY’S desk)
Because it’s right around the block.
The kids stand outside of a record store with a sign made of black marble engraved with gold lettering that reads: DOA RECORDING STUDIOS, and stenciled words on the glass door that reads: NO SOLICITING, NO LOITERING, NO LIVING.
Well, this was not what I was expecting.
What were you expecting?
I dunno. Like, a hole by the Hollywood sign that opens when you read some Ancient Greek graffiti?
(Looks directly into the camera)
… Okay, whatever. Anyway, you guys remember the plan?
Yep. The plan. Love the plan.
(Critical, curt)
And what if the plan goes wrong?
(Trying to be reassuring)
Oh come on, don’t be so negative, ANNABETH.
Oh yes, PERCY. We’re about to enter the Land of the Dead, but I’m sure if we don’t think negative, we’ll be just fine.
PERCY takes the Nereid’s pearls out of his pocket, and stares at them glumly.
(Kind, places hand on PERCY’S shoulder)
I’m sorry, PERCY. You’re right. Well make it.
ANNABETH gives GROVER a nudge.
(Nervous, trying to be reassuring)
Y-yeah! I mean, we’ve made it this far, right? We’ll get the BOLT, save your mom, and save the world.
(Smiles, then gets serious)
Alright. Let’s kick some UNDERWORLD ass.
The kids enter DOA, Muzak playing softly. The walls are steel gray, the furniture black leather. There are people hanging about the lobby, but at closer glance, they are slightly see through, as if they were made of smoke. The kids head to the main desk, which is raised up on a podium. The security guard behind the desk has a military style haircut, dyed bleach blonde, wearing tortoiseshell shades and a white silk Italian suit, with a black rose pinned to his lapel, and a silver name tag.
(Leans forwards, reads name tag, bewildered)
Your name is CHIRON?
(Leans over, smiling, soothing voice)
What a precious lad you are. Tell me, do I look like a centaur?
(Slightly embarrassed)
No, sir.
(Gestures to name tag)
Take a closer look, now. It’s C-H-A-R-O-N. Now say it with me, CARE-ON.
(A bit irritated)
Ah-mazing. Now, Mr. CHARON.
(Rolls his eyes)
Well done. I do hate being confused with that old horse. Now, how may I help you little dead ones?
PERCY looks over at ANNABETH.
(A bit uncomfortable)
Well, we uh, wanna go to the UNDERWORLD.
(Blunt, a bit surprised)
Oh. Well, that’s refreshing.
I, uh- it is?
Oh, absolutely. Just straightforward and honest, no screaming, no “Oh, please, Mr. CHARON, please give me another chance!”.
(Grins, clasps hands)
So, how did you loves die?
PERCY clears his throat.
Oh! We uh, we drowned. In a bathtub.
(Raises eyebrow)
All three of you at once?
I-it was a really big bathtub.
Naturally. I don’t suppose you have coins for passage, though. If you were adults, I could charge your American Express, or add the ferry fee to your last cable bill. But children…
(Sighs, sad)
… Alas, they never die prepared, it seems. I’m afraid you’ll have to take a seat for a few centuries.
Oh, we have coins.
(Places three drachmas on the desk)
(Licks lips, excited)
My my… real golden drachmas… I haven’t seen those in…
(Hand hovers over drachmas, becomes suspicious)
Here now, just a minute ago, you read my name tag wrong. Are you dyslexic, mate?
(A bit nervous)
No, I’m dead.
(Leans forward, stares the kids down)
You’re not dead.
(Sniffs the air, disdainful)
Two godlings and a satyr. I should have known.
Okay, first of all, I didn’t want to be a half-blood, and second, we really need to get to the UNDERWORLD.
CHARON makes a strange, growling sound in his throat, and the spirits waiting around the lobby start moving around, restless, lighting cigarettes, fidgeting with their watches, etc.
Why don’t you leave now, and I’ll just forget I saw you.
CHARON starts to reach for the drachmas, but PERCY snatches them away.
(Serious, assertive)
No service, no tip.
CHARON growls again, the spirits start banging on the elevator door.
(Pretending to be disappointed)
It’s really a shame. We had more to offer.
PERCY holds up the pouch of drachmas he took from CRUSTY’S place, pulls out a fistful of the golden coins, and lets them run through his fingers.
(Slightly hungry look on face)
You think I can be bought, godling? Hmmm, just out of curiosity, how much you got there?
A lot. So… what’s your pay like, huh? HADES being good to you, or…?
Ugh, you don’t know the half of it. Babysitting these spirits for eternity, always with “Please don’t let me be dead”, “Please let me go in for free”, all day, everyday. I haven’t had a raise in almost three thousand years. I mean, look at me.
(Gestures to his suit)
… You think dressing this good is cheap?
(Nodding, slowly drops a few drachmas on the desk)
Clearly, you deserve better wages as, uh… compensation for the, um… mentally taxing environment you work in.
PERCY glances over at ANNABETH, who quickly nods approvingly.
You know, mate? I think you might be starting to talk some sense.
(Strokes chin, thinking)
Hm… boat’s almost full anyway… tell you what, lad. While you’re talking to the boss man, if you were to mention something about giving me a raise…
I guess I could drop a subtle hint or two.
(Smiles coldly, grabs drachmas)
Come along, then.
CHARON begins pushing through the spirits of the dead, the kids follow him. As CHARON pushes through the spirits, they whisper and wail incomprehensible gibberish.
CHARON opens the elevator doors, and they get in with several spirits already in the elevator.
(Turns to face the spirits still in the lobby)
No one get any ideas while I’m gone. And if anyone changes the station from easy-listening again, you’ll all be waiting here for another thousand years.
The elevator doors close, and CHARON slides a key card into the slot on the panel, and the elevator begins to descend.
So… what happens to the spirits in the lobby?
Oh… for how long?
Forever. Or until I’m feeling generous.
(Curt, sarcastic)
Well that’s fair.
Nothing about death is fair, love. You’ll find that out for yourself soon enough where you’re heading.
We’ll get out alive.
Suddenly, PERCY becomes a bit woozy, blinks a few times, and sees that CHARON’S Italian suit has been replaced by a gray tunic and a black cloak, and his tortoiseshell shades have disappeared, revealing his eyes to be empty black pits. PERCY notices the modern clothes of the spirits become tattered gray cloaks.
(Realizes he was staring at CHARON’S strange eyes)
CHARON’S face slowly becomes transparent, showing off his grinning skull. The elevator suddenly starts swaying.
(Holds his hand up to his mouth as if about to vomit)
Oh, dude… I’m gonna be sick…
PERCY becomes a bit woozy again, and suddenly the elevator has become a wooden barge, gently drifting down an oily, black river littered with all sorts of things, from college diplomas, dolls, money, and jewelry.
The River Styx… it’s so…
Polluted. For thousands of years, the spirits of the dead have thrown in everything they can’t take with them; hopes, dreams, wishes that never came true. Irresponsible waste management, if you ask me.
Mist begins curling off the river, PERCY glances up to see huge stalactites, and then sees a strange, poison-green light glowing faintly in the distance. PERCY and ANNABETH begin nervously looking around at the spirits around them, and ANNABETH grabs PERCY’S hand. CHARON rows down the river a bit, and soon, they find themselves approaching the shores of the UNDERWORLD, craggy rocks and black volcanic sand, and about a hundred yards up the shore, a huge, stone wall that seems to go on forever in either direction. The kids become more uneasy when they here a deep, powerful howling sound somewhere in the distance.
(His face almost entirely transparent)
Ol’ three face is hungry. Too bad for you, godlings.
The boat slides up onto the black shores, and PERCY sadly watches the spirits shuffle out of the boat. PERCY, ANNABETH and GROVER hesitantly depart the boat.
So long, mates. I’d wish you luck, but there’s none down here.
CHARON begins rowing away.
Oh, and don’t forget to mention my raise.
CHARON eventually disappears from PERCY’S sight, and the kids forlornly trudge up the path with the spirits. As they get closer to the gate, PERCY sees that the gates of the UNDERWORLD seem to be modeled after airport security, with three different entrances with a sign over them that reads: YOU ARE NOW ENTERING EREBUS. Beyond the gates, there are some tollbooth-like structures manned by ghoulish black robed figures like CHARON. PERCY notices lots of spirits moving right along to a gate with a sign over it that reads: EZ DEATH.
(Points to quick moving line)
What do you make of that?
Probably goes to the FIELDS OF ASPHODEL. It’s the place where spirits go if they’re too scared to face judgment in court.
There’s a court for the dead?
Yep. There’s three judges, and HADES switches them around once in a while. King Minos, Thomas Jefferson, Shakespeare, people like that. The judges look at a person’s life, and if they were really good, they get to go to ELYSIUM. If they were really bad, the judges decide on a punishment. But for most people… well, most people never do anything really special in their lives, good or evil, so they go to the FIELDS OF ASPHODEL.
Oh… and… what exactly happens in ASPHODEL?
Imagine wandering around in a wheat field.
Well, that doesn't sound so-
… Oh. I guess that would kinda suck.
(Eyes wide with fear, points to something)
Not as much as that.
PERCY and ANNABETH look where GROVER is pointing, and see two black robed ghouls grab one of the spirits in line, who begins sniffing him down. They ghouls growl angrily, and begin dragging the shrieking spirit away towards one of the gates.
(Worried, a bit scared)
Where are they taking him?
FIELDS OF PUNISHMENT, probably. The Furies will set up whatever punishment the judges decide on.
As the kids slowly approach the gates, they hear the howling sound again, but still can’t see where it is coming from. As they get closer to the gates, a huge, a shadowy figure slowly becomes visible, and starts to form the dark, transparent shape of a massive three-headed dog, towering over them, growling.
H-he’s a rottweiler?
(Slowly turns head towards PERCY)
Wow, PERCY. There is, standing in front of us, a three-headed dog twice the size of an elephant, with teeth the size of cinder blocks, and more than likely wants to make us his midnight snack, and the first thing you think to say is, “He’s a rottweiler”?
I’m just trying to ease the tension.
The kids slowly approach CERBERUS, and notice the giant dog is becoming more visible.
I’m starting to see him better… why?
(Gulps, scared)
Well… it’s probably because we’re becoming closer to death.
CERBERUS stoops one of his heads, and begins sniffing.
He can smell the living.
(Trembling with fear)
Yeah. B-b-but it’s okay, cuz we g-g-gotta plan, right?
(Small, quiet, terrified)
Yeah. Th-th-the plan.
The kids inch closer the CERBERUS, and the three-headed dog barks so loud, the world seems to shake.
GROVER? Translation?
I, uh, don’t think humans have a four letter word that translates exactly.
PERCY reaches into his backpack, pulling out a broken bedpost.
(Nervous, trying to be calm)
H-hey boy, I bet they don’t play with you much down here, huh?
CERBERUS lets out a thunderous bark.
G-good boy…
(Waves the stick around)
Y-you see the stick?
CERBERUS’S middle head follows the stick, the other two heads fixed directly on PERCY.
PERCY throws the bedpost, and CERBERUS watches it, unflinching. The stick disappears into the gloom, and splashes into the River Styx. CERBERUS turns his three heads back onto the kids, and growls menacingly.
Just thought you should know, CERBERUS says we have ten seconds to pray to the god of our choice before we become Cerby snacks.
CERBERUS begins snarling, saliva dripping from his three jaws, and ANNABETH’S eyes get wide.
Wait! I have an idea.
(Start rifling through backpack)
CERBERUS gets into an attack position.
Um, so I’m thinking maybe we should run now?
(Frantically looking through backpack)
Hold on!
CERBERUS roars, and starts to lunge forward when ANNABETH whips a red rubber ball out of her backpack, and the giant dog stops mid lunge, curious.
See the ball, boy? You want the ball? Sit!
CERBERUS cocks his heads, confused.
To PERCY and GROVER’S surprise, CERBERUS sits, crushing several spirits, who pass through him, shouting angrily in some sort of gibberish.
Good boy!
ANNABETH throws the ball, which CERBERUS catches in his middle mouth. The other two heads start snapping at the ball.
Drop it!
CERBERUS whimpers, and gently drops the ball at ANNABETH’S feet, almost bitten in half and covered in slobber.
(Picks up ball)
Good boy.
(Glances back at PERCY and GROVER)
Go. EZ DEATH line, it’s faster.
(Worried, hesitant)
PERCY and GROVER reluctantly start inching forward, CERBERUS growls.
Stay! You want the ball? Then stay!
What about you?
(Slightly nervous)
I know what I’m doing, PERCY. Kinda.
PERCY and GROVER cautiously walk under the giant dog’s legs.
Good dog!
ANNABETH throws the ball to CERBERUS, and quickly walks under him while the three heads fight over the ball.
How’d you do that?
(Catching breath)
Obedience school. When I was really little, my dad got a doberman, and-
Dudes, less talking, more running.
The kids bolt for the EZ DEATH line, and ANNABETH stops when she hears CERBERUS whining behind her. She turns around to face him, and sees the giant dog panting, the ball torn to bits at his feet.
(Shaky voice, sad smile)
Good boy. I’ll bring you another ball soon. Would you like that?
CERBERUS whines, and lower his three heads.
(Petting CERBERUS’S head, holding back tears)
G-good boy. I’ll visit you, okay? I… I promise.
(Sad, hesitant)
ANNABETH… we have to go.
ANNABETH sadly walks away from CERBERUS, and passes through the EZ DEATH line with the boys. As they walk through the metal detector, alarms begin blaring, and CERBERUS starts barking.
Unauthorized possessions! Magic items detected!
The kids run through the gate into the FIELDS OF ASPHODEL, pushing through disgruntled spirits as black robed ghoulish security guards chase after them, shrieking and wailing. The kids scramble down the ridge of a road, and hide in the rotten trunk of a large, black tree. The ghouls run past the tree, still wailing and shrieking. The kids stay in the trunk for a bit to make sure the ghouls are gone.
Your plans suck, dude.
Yeah, well, you’re a donkey.
(Takes quick look around the corner to make sure it’s safe)
Alright, they’re gone. We should-
PERCY stops mid-sentence when he notices ANNABETH sniffing and wiping tears from her eyes, and hears CERBERUS howling mournfully in the distance.
(Gently places hands on ANNABETH’S shoulders)
Come on. We have to get out of here.
ANNABETH nods, wiping the last of the tears from her eyes, and takes PERCY’S hand.

Part 2 will be out soon.
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Cassie Davenport, Haven's Newest Troublemaker

Basic Info

Name: Cassidy Davenport
Nickname/Alias: Cassie, Cass
Date of Birth: November 13th
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Godly Parent: Eris
Mortal Parent: Lionel Davenport


Eye colour: Gray
Hairstyle: Dark brown and silky, lightly wavy but sometimes she straightens it, usually kept down around her face
Height: 5’ 9''
Weight: 142 lbs
Physique: She looks very slender and small at first glance but once you really look at her you can see lithe runner's muscles under her skin
Face Claim: Vanessa Moe | Two | Three

Combat and Godly Information

Claimed: Yes
  1. Umbrakinesis - Has the ability to manipulate a small amount of shadows, mostly to use as a shield or protection
  2. Emotion Manipulation - Can strengthen negative emotions between people that already exist
  3. Insanity Inducement - Has a small range insanity aura that can leave people hallucinating and feeling panicked
Combat Armour: None
Weapon of Choice: A celestial bronze engraved dagger and a normal steel one as well

Additional Information

Fatal Flaw: Pride
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Secretive, Dishonest, Selfish, Playful, Determined, Charming


She grew up in Vancouver, Canada to a shitty embezzling banker. Cassie didn't know why her mom chose him and what was so special about him but as soon as she started getting her powers she was glad to be gone every summer. She still came home for school because she had friends she loved but if it wasn't for them she'd be gone.
The most important part of her backstory is that she spent her entire time in camp from when she was thirteen to when she turned eighteen in the Hermes cabin. She was unclaimed for the first half and then for the rest well, her mother didn't have a cabin. While she was there she made friends with Luke. He convinced her to join with the titans in the titan war. But really she was already pissed off at the main Olympian gods and it was just an excuse.
She was at the battle of New York and when Kronos fell she decided to get out of there. So many of her demigod friends died that day and she didn't want to be one of the ones to join them. She got on a bus out of town and kept taking buses until she was out of money. She ran out in Las Vegas and ended up finding the Lotus Hotel and Casino.
All Cassie wanted to do was hide out for a few weeks until the heat died down. But it wasn't that simple in that hotel. A few weeks ended up turning into nearly a decade. Everyone who might have known her and might have known what she did was long gone from Camp Half Blood. But she was lonely and decided to find some demigods so she could A) not feel so alone and B) have a group around her to protect her should monsters attack her.


Life in Haven was nothing special besides the fact that there were other demigods roaming around. She didn't have enough money for an apartment so she was crashing at an old friend's house while she saved up. So here she was working at Nora's Nook because the only thing she had ever been good at in life was acting cheerful even when she hated her life. But this beat being at the bottom of the Hudson River or some other crazy punishment from the gods.
Her hair was pulled up behind her in two matching buns as she worked making coffee for a group of people. And just as she was about to take the tray out to them, you know, the nice thing to do for people in a book club, she slipped on the floor her coworker had just mopped and not told her about.
"Shit," she said as the drinks went flying, covering herself and the newly cleaned floor in iced coffees and teas. Unfortunately it might have also splattered the clothes of anyone standing nearby.
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How Percy Jackson and the Olympians taught me I was trans (Part 2)

Here's part one, if you missed it and want to read that one.

But wait, there's more! This is about how Last Olympian and Lightning Thief helped me learn I was trans. It does contain spoilers for those two books, sorry.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian
Near the end of Last Olympian, in the chapter "We win fabulous prizes," each member of the team is granted gifts. Grover is made a member of the Council of Cloven Elders, Annabeth the official architect of Olympus and so on. Percy is given "one gift if it is within the Gods' power." He uses it to ensure that all the gods' children are recognized at camp. However, there was one glaring issue that I didn't understand why he did not include in his wish. He did not ask to be turned into a woman. I never understood why, because after all, isn't that the goal of all cis men? (Spoiler alert: it's not)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
A major event in the course of Lightning Thief is when Grover, Annabeth, and Percy visit the Lotus Hotel and Casino which is like the island of lotuses in the odyssey, in that nobody wants to leave, ever. Its goal is to make everyone inside happy so that they will never leave. It occurred to me, as I was reading this scene, that if I were ever trapped in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, I would still be unhappy because I wanted so desperately to be a girl. (How did I think I was cis for so long, geez).
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Martingales: The House Goes Bust

Part One: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Part Two: Instruments of Darkness
Part Three: Absolute Zero
Part Four: All Sevens
Part Five: Whale-Watching
Part Six: On the Shores of Oblivion
Part Seven: Ante Up
“Okay, what the hell is this?” Martin’s confusion is evident in his tone as he takes in the sight before him, slowly stepping out of the elevator as he does so. Rather than the sumptuous yet gaudy building he’s been used to, here it looks like he’s entered into some ancient Greek temple. Worn columns reach to support a supposed ceiling, and rather than carpet, colorful flecks of tile make sweeping images that spread across the floor. The walls are stone as well, daubed in paint and carved with expressions of stern individuals, and of others kneeling before the banks of a snow-white winding path. No, not a path, a river, Martin notes as, upon closer inspection, he sees hands reaching into the depths, and others raised before mouths.
“Welcome to the Executive Level, Mister Gale,” A smooth voice says from beside him, causing the boy to jump a solid foot. An immaculate looking man in black suit and tie stands beside him, his face masked with an inscrutable mask of tragic woe. “Your friend mentioned that you were having troubles with your memories; please, allow me to be of assistance.”
Martin turns to look for Anthony, but only an elevator door is to be seen, the lift hidden behind twins doors of steel.
“Come now, Mister Gale, let’s have a conversation, you and me. Are you thirsty, hungry?” The masked figure saunters deeper into the room. Beyond a fountain of oily black water and that looks like its offering liquid snow, there sits a stone table, a pair of chairs on opposite sides. Well, a throne and a chair; the one beside the fountains is tall-backed and imperiously proud compared to its counterpart. Settling into his throne, the man gestures to the chair across from him. Martin’s teeth gnaw at his lip in concern, but he gradually makes his way into the room. As he does so, he notes the ceiling, where two figures are coiled overhead. Each is the mirror of the other, one dressed in white and with platinum tresses, while one is dressed in the inky coils of night. They stare down from overhead, neither lesser than the other.
“There we are.” The man says as Martin settles into the chair across from him. A gloved hand sweeps across the table in a casual grandness. What Martin thought was just a stone table bears second inspection, as it turns out to be tiled with squares of obsidian and some white stone-
Howlite, his mind supplies, though he hadn’t had a clue the word existed until that moment.
-Obsidian and howlite. On the table, a richly lacquered box rests. The figure across from Martin opens the lid, and begins to pull piece after piece from within. A chessboard, with pieces of onyx and moonstone.
“Do you play, Mister Gale?” the man asks.
“I- uh, I don’t know, but I-!” The confusion of this situation is all encompassing; whatever Martin had expected up here, it was not a chess game with a masked individual in what looks like a forgotten ruin. He begins to protest, but is cut off by one gloved finger being raised. The figure, whomever they are, commands authority to silence with even just a gesture.
”Right, I should’ve guessed. Well, let’s see what you remember, then. I find it easier to talk while my hands are distracted. Memory goes first, and the House responds.” The gloved hand goes from interdiction to encouragement. Martin looks down to the pieces, but his gaze lingers for only a moment before he’s back and focused on the stranger across from him. Another stranger and place he doesn’t understand, again!
“I don’t even know who you are,” Martin glowers at the tragic mask sitting opposite. “Why should I play?”
“You’re right, you’re right of course, Mister Gale. How about this then; we’ll include an ante for each piece taken. With each successful capture, the loser shall answer the question of the claimant, and do so truthfully. And as a show of good faith, I’ll give you an answer unbidden.” The woe-struck mask leans across the table, looking at Martin with a misery that he can feel deep within his chest. Pinpricks of red light can be seen within the depths, but anything remotely passable as eyes cannot be seen.
“You may call me Stamatios the Tragic,” a sibilant hiss of a sentence comes from behind the mask. It takes all of Martin’s effort to avoid shivering, but the displeasure must be clear on his face as Stamatios leans back into his throne.
“And now that we’re acquainted, Mister Gale, let us begin the game.”
Black 1; White 0
“First piece to me, Mister Gale,” Stamatios notes as a bone-white pawn goes back into the box. It was bound to happen, Martin figured. It had to be done to succeed down the road.
“How is your head feeling? Anthony had mentioned that you were still dealing with one doozy of a migraine when we talked.”
“It’s… better,” Martin says guardedly. He’ll play by the rules of the game, even the added ante, if it means getting some iota of knowledge from the stranger across from him. “But I still can’t remember much.”
“Well, I’ve always found that a little bit of knowledge can be a most dangerous thing…”
Black 1; White 2
“Well done, Mister Gale,” Stamtios says approvingly, “in just a few moves, you’ve claimed a pair of pawns. Have you had time to think of your questions?”
“What is this place is my first one.”
“Good, good. This room is a penthouse suite for my brother and myself to reflect and separate ourselves from the world. Just as the Lotus is a place of refuge for some, we need that ourselves.”
“A brother… Do I have any siblings, then?”
“A sister, that I have been told of; my brother would know better,” Stamatios sighs. Martin is hooked though. What he couldn’t get from Anthony in the terms of answers has been claimed here in just minutes! And what’s more, that proves the dream was right! A sister, a father and mother, cousins and uncles; a whole family is out there waiting for him!
“Can I-” He begins to press his advantage, but a warning finger is raised again.
“Questions, questions Mister Gale. If you want answers, you must play better.”
Black 3; White 3
A pair of white pieces return to the box soon after, along with an ebony as well.
“Two for me, and one for you, Mister Gale. You seem to have come off a little rougher on this exchange. I think I will hold onto my questions for now; feel free to ask yours, though.”
“Can I talk to your brother?”
“I certainly believe you could, yes. But he is not in currently, and I have no way of contacting him that you can use, I am afraid. Do not worry though, Mister Gale. If he wishes to talk with you, he will make himself known to you.”
Black 4; White 3
“”Mister Gale, what do you think of Anthony?” Stamatios the Tragic asks as he a white rook finds its way into the box.
“I… I don’t trust him. I think he’s lied to me about a lot of things here. I think I trust you more than I trust him,” Martin admits. “At least you didn’t try buddying up to me as a friend.”
“Hmm, I see… It’s a shame that some people have such disreputable motives. Taking advantage of someone’s memory lapses like that; simply boorish behavior.”
Black 6; White 3
“Mister Gale, you simply need to play sharper, you won’t get any answers at this rate.” The pieces are definitely looking lopsided in their box, with ivory outnumbering ebony by a significant amount.
“How does it feel, knowing nothing of yourself?”
“It’s… it’s not something I like. I feel like someone took five different puzzles and tossed all of the pieces together. Just when I think I’ve got the frame completed, someone goes and messes it up.
“Truly unfortunate to hear; it sounds miserable.”
“I… I wouldn’t say that,” Martin muses. “There’s nowhere to go but up, isn’t there?”
“Isn’t there?” Stamtios echoes. If a mask hadn’t been between them, Martin would swear that an eyebrow was being raised with the mirrored question.
Black 6; White 4
“Did I know Anthony before he found me?”
“No, I highly doubt it. He’s been a long-term resident of the Lotus for quite some time, and it’s a shame to hear that he’s being… casual in his approach to things. I take it he didn’t offer you anything to eat, did he?”
“I- Wait, you didn’t take a piece here, I don’t have to answer,” Martin retorts. The synapses in his head went into overtime now, dealing with that bit of information. Anthony had never known him, and he had stayed at the Lotus for a while. Nothing he said is true, nothing.
So… Where does that leave him?
“You’re right of course, Mister Gale,” Stamatios inclines his head in a slow nod. “Shall we continue?”
Black 6; White 6
“Is my name Martin Gale?” Martin asks.
“My answer will be a history lesson for you, Mister Gale.” Stamatios begins, as Martin takes another pair of pieces. The board has thinned considerably, with roughly half the soldiers and nobility on each side of the board. “In eighteenth-century France, gambling parlors were home to a particular theory of betting, and by extension, probability. Do you know what that is?”
“I’ll tell you, then. If you bet fifty dollars on a hand of poker and lost, how would you go about recouping said loss?”
“I’d bet again,” Martin notes, wondering where this is going.
“But would you bet the minimum, or fifty dollars? How safe would you be, and how brave would you be in going past a point of safety?”
“I, uh…”
“Enter the Martingales; those supremely brave and supremely foolish gamblers who, when faced with loss, doubled their efforts. If you lost fifty dollars, you bet one-hundred. Down one million, you’ll bet two million; so on and so forth. I doubt you need more explanation than that.”
“That’s a terrible idea though, why would anyone do that?”
“Well, if you win, you aren’t out anything at all, of course. Someone can go from serfdom back to their lordship.”
“And a lord could be made a pauper,” Martin counters. “I don’t know how this connects to me, though.”
“Well, Mister Gale…. You may not be the Martin Gale, but you are certainly a Martingale, at least in our eyes.”
“What does that even mean?”
“Questions, Mister Gale. I have answered what you have asked. Keep playing.”
Black 4; White 7
“Why do you think I’m a Martingale?”
“Because Mister Gale, I know you.”
Black 8; White 8
“Here we are, on the crossroads; halfway between existence… and oblivion,” Stamatios intones as Martin rolls his eyes.
“A bit melodramatic, huh?” He asks, and Stamatios shakes his head.
“Not at all, Mister Gale. There’s a tipping of the scales that one can only see when they’re perfectly balanced; your cousins know that better than most, I’m sure.”
“Wait, you know my cousins?”
“Only by reputation; and no, I won’t tell you their names. Focus on the game, Mister Gale.”
Black 9; White 10
“How can I get my memory back?”
“There’s several ways, I’m sure. Time would probably be the most effective method, I would say. Certainly the safest.”
“What happened to me?”
“I cannot say, for I was not a witness. I can only offer a guess, but that would not help your situation, I fear. Mister Gale, how does that make you feel?”
“Why are you trying to psychoanalyze me?”
“I’m not; I’m trying to understand you. If you want help, you need to be understood. And unfortunately, there’s not much for me to understand yet. Like you eloquently said, you’re like a bunch of puzzles put together. We can each put together a different picture, and what I think you are may be very different than what you think you are.”
Black 12; White 12
“And now we’re in the endgame, Mister Gale. May I say, this is a most admirable game. I daresay you could even give my brother a run for his money as well; we’ve had ample time to practice together, and it seems like you would fit in quite well.”
“What do you mean?” Martin asks.
“Well, quite simply, you would be a natural fit to join my brother and myself in our day to day operations. The Tragic, The Comic… The Cynic?” He offers in a lilting voice. “It’s not like anyone except for me has given you the truth so far. The Lotus-Eaters down below hardly care about you, Anthony is a tool that I would leave to you to take care of as you’d like, and you’d have quite a bit of autonomy to pursue your own endeavors.”
“That’s… what’s the catch?”
“Hmm… ask a different question for now, I’m not sure how to properly answer it for you yet, and don’t want to lead you astray. I’m not a proverbial snake.”
“Then what is Camp Half-Blood?”
“...I see you are recuperating more than Anthony would have led me to believe.” Stamatios’s voice is guarded, for the first time since the game of chess and questions began it actually sounds like he is on the defensive. “I am bound by my word though, Mister Gale. It’s a Camp, one for training people such as yourself to fight and survive a world that would have you dead. A Camp that you left of your own volition, I might add.”
“Why would I do that?”
“Because you’re a Martingale, Mister Gale. First for a claim, then for family, then for fraternity. And everytime its cost you something more; your normalcy, your innocence, and now, your memories. Eventually you won’t be able to pay the costs… and what then?”
Black 14; White 13
“One minute from doomsday, Mister Gale,” Stamatios notes. “And with myself right behind.”
Martin’s eyes scan the desolate board. If this were a literal battlefield, it would be clogged with blood and corpses. Here, on immaculate howlite and obsidian, it’s an austere representation of the battle of questions between them.
“...Why did this happen to me?” He asks as the seconds transform into minutes of silence between them. The question had been building for some time in him, and now seemed as good a time as any to ask, with an onyx bishop and ebony rook, staring down the gleaming bastion that his own rook provided against, as Stamatios had put it, oblivion.
“I mean, why me? Out of everybody in the world, why am I the one who has this lot?”
“Because we needed someone like you. Someone intelligent, and enduring. Those qualities are rare to find together, and even rarer when you look for the other conditions as well. Not many people would be willing to play a twenty-hour game of chess for answers.”
“Twenty hours?!” Martin exclaims. It had hardly felt like twenty minutes, let alone twenty hours. No twinge of hunger, no parched throat; nothing to indicate that this had been going on for the better part of a day.
“Well, in here, I suppose it seemed a little faster,” Stamatios admits. “I can only imagine how it went outside of here… But yes, you have the patience to see something through to the end, that’s another thing.”
“I- I don’t care about that, I just- I don’t want to be a toy to you, or to anyone else!” Martin protests, pushing his chair away from the board.
“Mister Gale, I do have an alternative for you, if you’ll hear me out? ….Good, thank you.” He adds as Martin, halfway to his feet, settles back into his chair again.
“You’ve been hurt by everyone you know, and forgotten everyone else you knew. You don’t even know what your life was like before the Lotus Casino took you in… So why risk the outside being worse?” Stamatios asks. From within a pocket of his suit jacket, he pulls out a small earthenware bottle with a wooden stopper.
“I can make the pain stop for you, in all ways. You just need to drink of the Lethe, Mister Gale. One mouthful, and you’ll forget everyone that’s wronged you, every pain that’s hurt you, everything that’s happened to you; just let the River consume it all.” With a free hand, he points up to the ceiling. Martin’s eyes follow his hand, and he stares up at the figures, astounded to see them slowly revolving around each other. More shockingly, they each look wounded, hurt. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises mar their body and clothes, looking as if they spent the past twenty hours on the chessboard’s battlefield rather than the pieces.
“Existence is a terrifying thing,” Stamatios continues. “And I can offer you a reprieve. Think of it, oblivion. You don’t have to worry about knowing anything, you just get to be! There’s no expectations, no obligations, you will just get to exist, in the truest sense of the word! This is a brand new start, Martin; very few get an opportunity to travel this particular road.”
Martin’s eyes drift to the clay bottle. It looks so plain, how can it do what he’s promised? There has to be a catch.
“There has to be a catch,” Martin echoes, an observation which Stamatios rewards with a nod.
“Astute. With this option, we would like you to become one of us; a Brother of Oblivion, a member of our dear little cult. And no-” he stops the protest. “I won’t tell you who or what we serve; it’ll be a waste of my breath if you do choose the option, and I do hate repeating myself.”
“And if I don’t take your option? Am I free to go?”
“I don’t know about free, but you will be able to leave, yes.” Stamatios muses. “We’ve found you before, we will find you again. I doubt you’ll like what happens when we find you again. I daresay you’re running out of limbs and friends to save, at this rate. We won’t kill you, but everyone else… well, if Peleus didn’t hate dogs so much, we would have already solved this problem.”
“I… are you-”
“Yes, that’s a threat, Mister Gale,” Stamatios sighs. “I rather thought you’d pick up on the inference, honestly. You were much sharper with all of your memories, you know.”
With a droning noise being the only alert, the lighting of the room vanishes in a trace. Martin’s eyes dart from side to side, looking for the source. His own eyes widen as they settle in on Stamatios’s eyes glowing red in the depths of his mournful mask.
”Please do not be alarmed, guests. We are currently on emergency power due to an unscheduled power outage. Concierges, please guide guests back to floors ten and up and explain the compensation package at their convenience. Also, inform them that any damage due to flooding on floors one through nine is covered by our comprehensive insurance plan. Mister Dhark, to the basement level ten. I repeat, Mister Dhark to basement level ten, please.”
“Damn it…” The expletive drips like poison from behind the mask. Stamatios rises to his feet, staring down at Martin and their board.
“Stalemate it is, Mister Gale. You have a choice before you now. If you are here when I return, we will welcome you into the Brotherhood. If you are not, then my brother and our agents shall plan our next move. This elevator is set to run on emergency power, so your escape will be guaranteed in these conditions; I doubt my brother or I shall have time to hunt you for quite the foreseeable future…”
“But when we do, I shall see you skewered on a dozen spears and force-fed the waters of the Lethe, so you only can remember the agony of pain without the reason why… Keep that in mind during your thinking process. I shall return within the hour.” And with that, the pair of red eyes vanish. Martin stands from his chair, looking around the room. The only measure of light comes from the elevator’s readout, otherwise the room is in complete darkness. Martin looks down at the chessboard, his eyes looking for any sort of answer that may be hidden in the battlefield.
It’s a stalemate game; neither of us would have won this. Just where this innate knowledge of chess comes from, he has no idea. The same thing happened with the game of Mythomagic on the main floor, though… Just a sense of how things work in terms of logic and tactics.
That’s neither here nor there, though. What matters now is the impasse that Martin finds himself in the twixt of.
If I drink the vial.. I lose sight of who I am, but the people I left behind will be safe… But I’ll never remember them again. He grabs the vial from the table and bounces it experimentally in his palm. It’s such a light object, to hold such weight in his mind.
“But if I go without, I put everyone in danger… But I could remember who everyone is… maybe,” his thoughts turn into words as he weighs the option in hand.
Which is better to choose? Should I be turned into one of them to protect others? Or should I be myself, and live with the consequences and dangers that such a choice brings?
“What would Father do?” He asks aloud, with only the babbling of the fountains available for reply. He sighs, looking down at the phial in his hand. Slowly the gears begin to turn in his head, as a plan begins to form.
Thank you for your patience, Lotus Hotel and Casino Patrons. We are now pleased to announce that our temporary power issue and flooding has been corrected. You are now free to return to the lower floors, where we will be offering free games for the next two hours! No risk, only reward as our way of thanking you for your patience! Thank you, and remember, when you stay at the Lotus; a weekend stay is like a year’s vacation!
Hundreds of people slowly return to the lower main floors of the casino. Bell-bottoms, poodle skirts, three-piece suits; all walks of life push against each other, eager for the opportunity to let their wallet’s feast on fortunes that they cannot understand… or care to, for that matter. Waitresses flit from table to machine with serving trays filled to the brim with ambrosial lotus flowers, ensnaring their prey just as surely as a spider pounces on the fly already ensnared within its web.
Martin notices none of this as he pushes out from the crowd, shoving his way through to a direction that nobody else seems to care to go; the exit.
“Excuse me sir! The game floor is-” The woman behind the check-in counter begins, but her words die in her mouth as she sees him effortlessly walk through the revolving door. In the past year that she’s worked the welcoming counter at The Lotus, she’s only seen two other groups do that. One pair with a lawyer towing them out, and the others after causing a scene and leaving after a few minutes. Never someone just by themselves.
“Have a-” She can’t even remember what she’s supposed to say when someone leaves the Lotus, it’s such an intermittent occurrence. Instead, she presses a button on the phone resting on her desk. She knows what she's supposed to do when it happens though, the laminated sheet of paper by the phone ensures that A few seconds of ringing, and a click is heard as the second line connects.
“Mister Dhark, the House has went bust. I repeat, the House has went bust.”
“So, both of you have lost your shirts in this little thought experiment, I see.” A man dressed in an impeccable charcoal suit and a mask miming comedic joy. Before him kneel two other individuals, each wearing masks of tragedy, one with hunched shoulders and a cloak, while the other wears a suit that is a twin of his comedic twin.
“Dear brother, it is not our fault; Anthony threw the game before we even had a chance to turn him to our side,” the Tragic protests.
“And who is Anthony’s handler, kind brother?” The standing Stamatios asks, being rewarded with a slumping of his twin’s shoulders.
“But, Lord Stamatios, we aren’t… aren’t done yet.” The hunched figure wheezes. “He’s… he’s hardly left…. Left Vegas. I can, with Skilos… I can catch him.”
“No.” The word is absolute, a glacier that signals the finality of all life that dares defy its passage. “He beat the pair of you, as I thought he would. He deserves the reprieve. I take no satisfaction in taking a piece off the board when it’s broken.” Stamatios the Comic turns from the kneeling figures, crossing back to the stone chess board where his Tragic brother and Martin had played their game. Kings and rooks and bishop still stand tall upon the board. Idly, he flicks the ebony king, sending it toppling to the floor with a clatter.
“And he managed this without only instinct… He did not know of Athena or his gifts, and he still put you to a stalemate, kind brother? Surely, you were humoring him?”
“...No, dear brother. I played my best game. We took twenty hours, which the Casino took as twenty weeks. The House always-”
“Don’t you dare say that tiresome cliche, kind brother, or else you shall find yourself as a fountain ornament before the month is out.” the smiling Stamatios notes. “Though, you did well enough to stall for time. My agents have found several leads that we have been looking for for some time. We shall prepare to move when we are able.”
“And what of us, dear brother?”
“You, kind brother, will see to the Casino. Make sure that there is no lasting damage from the power outage. And see to the rainwater that poured in; I swear we’ll have to get that carpet torn out and replaced. It absolutely reeks of seawater, dead fish, and failed ambition down there.”
“And me… Lord?” The Oathbreaker heaves the question. Stamatios the Comic turns to him with his forced smile.
“You, my loathsome abomination, will be going to New York. If our Martingale ups the ante, then take him out, but not before. Skilos is yours. And if you fail or kill him before his time… You’d best hope he remembers how to kill someone like you first. His mercies will seem like a mother’s compared to what will await you should I get my hands on you.”
“...Yes, Lord.” He gasps his assent as he rises to his feet. From within the depths of the cloak, he draws a crystalline whistle. Pulling the mask up to his nose, he brings it to his exposed mouth and blows. Nothing happens for a heartbeat, then two. On the third, a bounding hellhound leaps from the shadows.
“Skilos… bring me to New York.” The Oathbreaker commands as he clambers up the monster’s back. Once he is firmly seated, the pair bound into the shadows and vanish once more.
“Dear brother, I do not trust him… I believe we were rash in elevating him,” the Tragic intones.
“I do agree, kind brother. Consider this our third test of Mister Kaufmann. If he finds a way to remember that he is in fact Mister Kaufmann, then he will be rechristened in blood.”
“I remember our game on Tetepare, when you thought Mister Cleary would be Mister Kaufmann’s equal. Do you stand by that?”
“No,” the Comic smiles, and based on the tone, a genuine one hides beneath as well. “I do not believe we’ve met his equal in many, many years, dear brother… We will either enter true existence once more, or final oblivion. We stand-”
“At the Crossroads.”
“At the Crossroads, yes. And Mister Kaufmann shall dictate the path. Now, go get that carpet dried. Oh, and have a long talk with Anthony about his… thoroughness when it comes to preparing our guests.”
“...Yes, dear brother.” Rather than rising to his feet, Stamatios the Tragic sinks into the shadows pooled around his feet. Stamatios the Comic looks up at the slowly spiraling image of the mirrored women on the ceiling and sighs.
“You really only have one hope, you know.” He pauses, then adds. “Each of you, I mean. Either I shall win, or Mister Kaufmann will… Best of luck to both Memory and Oblivion, may the true grandmaster win.”
The world is dark outside the bus depot, as dark as Vegas can manage with all of the neon and gaudiness. By contrast, the depot is threadbare and boring; Martin can’t think of the last time he’s been somewhere that’s felt half as comfortable. The light up display board he has been watching updates, with the second bus listing ratcheting up to the top of the board. A screech goes up through the building’s speaker system, followed by a scratchy voice.
Now boarding, Las Vegas to New York City. Please have your boarding ticket ready, and begin forming to board. Now boarding, Las Vegas to New York City.
Martin settles near the front of the bus, a small bag filled with toiletries by his feet. The card that had been handed to him by the concierge in the Lotus seemed to have a few uses outside of the casino, it seemed. Beyond the necessities, there were just a few other items; two to be exact. The first, the logo of the shirt he had found in the suite’s hamper. And two, wrapped within the cloth, a stoneware bottle that sloshes ever so slightly when it is moved.
Wait, what? A third item, a box the size of a pencil case stamped with a Caduceus stares up at him. Curiosity getting the better of him, he gingerly opens it. Nestled on a fitted interior rests a bronze ring, and a matching bracelet. Tucked into the side of the box, a small note is hidden. Unfolding it, his heart begins to tap away at a faster speed as he reads the contents, one part typed, the other handwritten on the bottom.
Dear Mister Gale,
We at the Lotus Hotel and Casino wanted to say we appreciate the opportunity to cater to you, and hope you enjoyed your stay with us. Please find enclosed a lost item that was recovered in the flooding, as well as a token of esteem from one of our patrons. We do hope that you will consider the Lotus in the future for all of your celebration and relaxation needs.
The Lotus Hotel and Casino
Well done, Mister Gale. Enjoy your reprieve before the game begins anew. Olly olly oxen free.
“You got cleaned out too, huh kid?” A man in his late forties settles into the spot behind him. Peeking over his shoulder, he shakes his head good-naturedly. “How much did they take you for?”
“Damn, at least you thought ahead enough to have your ticket home and souvenirs prepared. Me? I had to call up my wife and ask her to wire me some money. I’m just glad we have a comfy couch; I’ll be sleeping on that for a while, I think. Fuck Vegas.” Regardless of the expletive, he still seems in good spirits as he laughs at the thought.
“Fuck Vegas,” Martin echoes, though no laugh follows. The air brakes hiss as the bus lurches forward. Turning his gaze to the window, Martin watches as the bus garage is left behind, and soon enough Vegas itself fades away. Before his eyes drift closed, he sees one last thing.
“WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS, NEVADA” the iconic sign greets the departing demigod.
“...Fuck Vegas.”
Total Time in the Lotus: 28 Hours (6 on the casino floor, 2 unconscious, 20 in the Executive Level)
Total Time Elapsed: 26 weeks.
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Martingales: All Sevens

Part One: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Part Two: Instruments of Darkness
Part Three: Absolute Zero
“-Martin! Wake up man, come on! Be okay, dude!” That's the first thing I'm aware of, a worried sounding voice beside my ear, the tension heavy. My other senses are soon to follow though; a metallic taste in my mouth, a throbbing in my head and cold cement beneath me. As my eyes flutter open, the gates slam shut again; the throbbing blossoming into a dagger that finds a home in my temple.
"Bright…" I mutter. The brief moment of sight had been that, an explosion of color in what was previously a midnight world. Orange and green and red and blue cascaded around me, and it was too much. My hands go to my eyes, keeping them safe from the brilliance apparently surrounding me.
"There you go, dude," the voice continues. It's low, but not too low? Kind of like… well, I don't know who it reminded me of, actually. A face had come to me, but it retreated back into the darkness soon after.
Must've hit my head… It would make sense. One of my hands traces to the back of my head, where I feel a large lump send a wave of displeasure through my head. Bad idea.
"Did you see the guy that messed you up, Martin? I swear, you said you were coming out for air, then I didn’t see you for ten minutes, and this is how I find you.”
Well, at least whomever this is seems concerned. It doesn't seem like I'm in more danger at least. The headache doesn't seem to be going away, unfortunately, so I guess the next step is… well, seeing.
Gingerly, I open my eyes, slowly prying them open. Again, the neon colors assault me, but I force myself to keep my eyes open. The lights are intense in brilliant, so I focus my attention downwards. Dull cement littered with cigarette butts and food wrappers stare back at me. It's ugly, but at least I'm not getting slapped by the color blue this time.
"Where… where am I?" I ask. Laboriously, I swing my head towards where I had heard the voice earlier. A set of black tennis shoes and acid-wash jeans fill my sight. The jeans bend, and soon enough, the top half of a body comes into view. A black v-neck, shell necklace, and brown hair that frosts near the tips is combined with brown eyes and the slightest hint of stubble. The face frowns heavily as he looks new over.
"You're in Vegas, dude. Center of the world and all that," he laughs. "You… you don't remember that, huh? Do you know what day it is?”
Well, that’s simple enough, it’s-
I stop, my mouth awkwardly agape. I try to supply something, anything, but not a single word comes to mind. Anything that surrounds the idea of time is a mental fog; something hazy and thick like cotton… or more like spiderwebs, considering how stuck I find myself. No matter how hard I rack my mind, I can’t come up with it.
That’s not good. Well, no duh it’s not good. Clacking my jaw shut, my mind races, struggling to remember what it can; anything.
And the result…
It’s not good.
I can remember things, ideas, concepts. But anything about myself… nothing. No age, not even my hair color. Do I have a family or friends? Why am I here in Vegas even; do I live here, or am I visiting someone? Was I jumped?
Panic starting to grow, I bury my hands in my pockets, searching for anything at all. Front or back, there’s nothing to be found. No wallet, not even a measly receipt. I feel a lump rise in my throat, and my eyes twitch shut with the weight of blossoming tears.
“I… I don’t know,” I whisper.
“Oh, fuck… Dude, they must’ve hit your head hard.” The guy doesn’t seem to know how to respond. I can hear concern in his voice, that’s clear enough. How do you respond to somebody who doesn’t even know their name, though? I guess I can’t blame him, I’m not sure what I would do either.
“How about… how about we get you inside for now, huh?” The guy extends a hand to me. “We checked in at the place right here earlier this week, you and me and a few buds. We’ll get you inside, get you some water, and... Well, get things figured out. Does that sound okay?”
I mean, what choice do I have? I could just sit out here on the street, but that doesn’t seem safe. Someone with no clue of who they are in a strange city… yeah, that’s not a good idea. Still, I don’t just want to walk into the exact same situation here.
The one thing that I latch onto from this brief conversation is the name he called me. Martin. That must be who I am, I hold onto that thought like the lifebuoy tossed from the departed cruise ship that makes up my memories. Who is Martin? Hell if I know, but at the very least, I have an identity, and someone knows about it. Even if that someone is a complete stranger to me...
“...What’s your name?” I ask, giving him a sideways glance. He hasn’t told me anything about himself, beyond the fact he’s staying here. It’s not like knowing his name will make a difference to my situation, but it’ll make a difference to me. It’s something mentally tangible, and with my mind filled with fog and my head aching, every little thing can help.
“It’s Anthony, bro. Nice to meet you… well, again,” he adds as he waggles the hand he’s been offering the whole time.
Saint Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Things.
...Where did that come from? I shake my cottony head, trying to fight my way to wherever that little nugget of knowledge had come from; hoping that I can find something, anything, more to accompany it. My mind is silent though, loathe to part with the secrets it keeps ensconced within the webs.
“Like the Saint,” I finally say, grabbing his hand as I watch his concerned expression morph into something… different. Anger, for the ones who did this to me? It’s only for a moment though, as Anthony helps me to my feet. My legs protest, as the pins-and-needles feeling pokes and prods at my unused limbs. Staggering, I put myself against the wall as I wait for the feeling to recede.
“Easy does it, we’ve got time,” Anthony says, offering me a small smile. “You just focus on you, okay? We’ll get you some water inside, and some food too, okay? ...And maybe a shower,” he adds, his face contorting into a look of displeasure. Apparently, I’m not in the best of shape. I kind of figured with the pounding in my skull, but it’s good to know that it’s evident to complete strangers, too. Gradually, I can feel my legs return to a semblance of normalcy, and I can take a step forward. Slightly wobbly, but at least it’s movement.
“Hey, there we go,” Anthony nods approvingly. “Good see some movement. Think you can keep it up?”
“Yeah, I can manage,” I reply, and take another step to emphasize the point.
“Nice, good work dude,” He says, then adds. “Man, it sucks that this happened, Martin. We’d been planning this trip for weeks, dude. I’m not blaming you or anything; it’s just shitty luck is all. How’s your head feeling?”
“You’ve got no idea,” I mutter darkly. Together we slowly make our way out of the alley, with Anthony talking all the while. Meanwhile, I take the time to take stock of myself, such as it is. I’m Martin, apparently. That’s a good start. Looking down, I see a simple pair of tennis shoes on my feet, and some faded, but still serviceable jeans. My shirt is a dark blue polo, nothing too fancy. Just my regular attire, I suppose. Indistinguishable from any other regular person. I must not be too fancy, or maybe I was caught before I got to change? Curiously, I feel a little bit of elation, like I discovered a little bit of my favorite ice cream tucked away in an otherwise empty carton. It’s kind of exciting, rediscovering these things about myself.
“-Yeah, that trip from Nebraska was a little long for us all, you should’ve heard Claire bitching about the drive. Who’s complaining now, though? She’s gotta see her fancy floor show thing, and we get to chill in the lap of luxury. Do you remember what you said when you saw our room?”
“...I don’t. That’s the whole problem he-” My sarcasm is promptly cut off as we exit the alley and take in the building across the road. Even in the glitz and glam of other Vegas casinos and hotels, the building still seems to manage to hold its own allure. Smooth, windowless walls with imposing columns that seem as if they are holding up the very sky looming overhead. While the stars are nowhere to be seen above, the dazzling lights that flash and pop are more than enough to entertain my eyes. A large overhang services a valet area where lines of sleek automobiles pull in and drop off all sorts of customers and patrons.
“Wow…” I breathe out the word, and Anthony laughs.
“Yeah, it’s a pretty nice place, I’m not gonna lie. I’m kind of jealous you get the chance to see it for the first time twice. Let’s get in; I heard it was going to rain soon, and believe me, you don’t want to be in a Vegas rainstorm.” Anthony begins walking to the building, and I’m quick to keep up with him. As we get under the overhang, Anthony waves to one of the valets and begins to joke around animatedly. Distracted, my eyes scour the building, and focus on a floral motif I hadn’t seen earlier. Above the door is a neon sign depicting a pink flower. The petals open and close, revealing a yellow center. Open, close. Open, close. I jump a little bit as Anthony claps a hand on my shoulder; I must have been zoning out.
“Ready to go, Martin?” He asks. I give him a nod. The two of us make our way to the sliding doors, which open silently with our approach.
“What’s this place called?” I ask as a gust of air-conditioning whips around me, eager to escape into the stifling outside air.
“Oh! I can’t believe I forgot to share that with you,” Anthony laughs as we go through a second set of sliding doors. My jaw drops slack as I take in the sight before me. Rows and rows of machines, with dozens of people whooping and shouting. In the center of the massive room, a ruby-red sports car slowly revolves on a pedestal. To the right and left more rooms spawn off, and elevators against the far wall can just hardly be seen, the dark tubes reaching to the high ceiling and beyond. Glass chandeliers hang ponderously overhead, but the real light seems to be coming from the glow of the slot machines and arcade consoles down below. The air pure, almost mechanically so, though an occasional whiff of something floral comes to me as well. To say this is an amazing sight would be an understatement.
“I forgot you don’t remember, sorry. Martin, this is the crown jewel of the Vegas Strip, but also one of its best kept secrets. You’re going to have the time of your life while we get your head figured out.” Anthony seems to be putting a bit of a show on for me, as his hand leaves my shoulder and he steps ahead, spinning around to face me with his arms spread high and wide above him.
“Welcome to the Lotus Hotel and Casino!”
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Elias Jacobs, Son of Kratos

Basic Info

Name: Elias Jordan Jacobs
Nicknames: Eli
Gender: Cis Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 16
Birthday: November 19th
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 155 lbs
Style: Elias dresses like a normal boy his age without much of a sense of style. He prefers graphic t-shirts, classic combat boots, jeans that are far past their prime with holes in them, etc. His favorite article of clothing is an acid wash jean jacket he took from a lost and found even though it wasn't his. He slicks his hair back with hair gel a lot of the time and doesn't wear glasses even though he needs them a little bit.
Face Claim: Darin Blaine Wilkens Two Three


Zodiac: Scorpio
Myers Briggs: INTJ
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Temperament: Melancholic
Fears: Punishment
Goals: Survive to become an adult


Godrent: Kratos
Human Parent: Leanne Jacobs
Siblings: None
Other Family: Step Father, Norman Jacobs
Elias's mother is a firefighter in Salt Lake City, Utah. A job that requires both physical and mental strength. She married Norman Jacobs but that didn't stop her from also sleeping with the god Kratos. She was outwardly a good person but inside? She was rotten to the core.
Growing up Elias believed he was just a normal kid but every time something weird happened around him he would get punished as though he did something wrong. See Norman Jacobs believed Elias was his son and if there was something weird about Elias he might suspect.
He did not have a happy household growing up. His mother was physically abusive to him. Every time he would come home with bad grades or get in trouble for smoking at school she would make him suffer more and more punishment. She never really hit him but she did make him suffer cruelly by making him do things that would hurt or humiliate him.
Eventually it got too much for him and no one would help. When he was fifteen he hopped on a bus out of town and never looked back. That was in 1985. He went to Las Vegas and figured he could spend what little money he had trying his luck at the casinos, hoping to get rich so he never had to go home. He found himself at the Lotus Hotel and Casino. He spent a week there and when he came out it was 2018.
It took him a while to get back on his feet. He spent some time at a homeless shelter before being attacked by monsters. His father claimed him after he managed to kill a cyclops on his own and then he took a bus to New York.

Camp Info

Enhanced Strength: As the son of the god of strength, Elias possesses an extra amount of strength further than the normal demigod. He can easily lift large boulders and another human being. If he pushes his strength too far it will weaken him for at least the rest of the day, if not longer.
Strength Granting: Elias can grant some of his strength to another willing person for a short time. This in turn makes him weaker depending on how much strength he gives them. After about half an hour to an hour the strength wears off and both Elias and the other person will be left in extremely weakened states for the rest of the day.
Strength Absorption: As the son of the personification of strength, Elias has the ability to take strength away from others. To be able to use this ability he needs to have skin to skin contact for at least ten seconds. The longer the skin contact, the more strength he can take. He can't go any higher than his normal max strength but he can use it to get his strength back from someone else when he is weakened. The person will only be weakened for an hour at most before their strength returns. Elias can get more strength from those who willingly give it than those he steals from.
Weapon: Celestial Bronze Spiked Knuckles that turn into rings
Happening Now:
He was practicing in the amphitheater. Elias didn't really like fighting all that much, he was a pacifist at heart, but he liked to be able to protect people. So he thought he would hone his attacks to the best of his ability. The dark haired boy practiced punching the wooden dummy with his bare fists. It wasn't actually doing much for him honestly.
Then he punched it a little too hard. Sometimes Elias didn't know his own strength. Now would be that time. The wooden training companion exploded into splinters and he winced as a few of them embedded themselves into his hands. "Ah shit not again," he said with a defeated sigh.
Elias has been here since late March, friends etc welcome!
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Cassidy Davenport - DGF/Haven

Basic Info

Name: Cassidy Davenport
Nickname/Alias: Cassie, Cass
Date of Birth: November 13th
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Godly Parent: Eris
Mortal Parent: Lionel Davenport


Eye colour: Brown
Hairstyle: Black and silky, lightly wavy but sometimes she straightens it, usually kept down around her face
Height: 5’ 9''
Weight: 142 lbs
Physique: She looks very slender and small at first glance but once you really look at her you can see lithe runner's muscles under her skin
Face Claim: Julia Evans | Two | Three

Combat and Godly Information

Claimed: Yes
  1. Umbrakinesis - Has the ability to manipulate a small amount of shadows, mostly to use as a shield or protection
  2. Confusion Aura - Has a small range confusion aura that can leave people feeling confused and disoriented
  3. Emotion Manipulation - Can strengthen negative emotions between people that already exist
Combat Armour: None
Weapon of Choice: A celestial bronze engraved dagger and a normal steel one as well

Additional Information

Fatal Flaw: Pride
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Secretive, Dishonest, Selfish, Playful, Determined, Charming


She grew up in Vancouver, Canada to a shitty embezzling banker. Cassie didn't know why her mom chose him and what was so special about him but as soon as she started getting her powers she was glad to be gone every summer. She still came home for school because she had friends she loved but if it wasn't for them she'd be gone.
The most important part of her backstory is that she spent her entire time in camp from when she was thirteen to when she turned eighteen in the Hermes cabin. She was unclaimed for the first half and then for the rest well, her mother didn't have a cabin. While she was there she made friends with Luke. He convinced her to join with the titans in the titan war. But really she was already pissed off at the main Olympian gods and it was just an excuse.
She was at the battle of New York and when Kronos fell she decided to get out of there. So many of her demigod friends died that day and she didn't want to be one of the ones to join them. She got on a bus out of town and kept taking buses until she was out of money. She ran out in Las Vegas and ended up finding the Lotus Hotel and Casino.
All Cassie wanted to do was hide out for a few weeks until the heat died down. But it wasn't that simple in that hotel. A few weeks ended up turning into nearly a decade. Everyone who might have known her and might have known what she did was long gone from Camp Half Blood. But she was lonely and decided to find some demigods so she could A) not feel so alone and B) have a group around her to protect her should monsters attack her.
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How I Would Divide The Series Up If It Were a Netflix Show

Percy Jackson, Netflix Show
Season 1: The Lightning Thief
Episode 1: I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher
Percy is on a class field trip to the history museum, where Nancy Bobofit is bullying Percy’s friend, Grover. Percy tries to brush it off, but eventually snaps and “pushes” Nancy into a fountain of water. His substitute math teacher, Mrs. Dodds, takes him inside the museum to reprimand him, but transforms into a Fury and attacks him. Mr. Brunner, his latin teacher, appears and throws him a pen which transforms into a sword. With the sword, he kills the Fury, and when regrouping with his class is shocked to learn no one else, including Mr. Brunnner, has any recollection of Mrs. Dodds. At the end of the semester, Percy and Grover take a bus back to his home in Manhattan, where the bus breaks down and Percy sees the Fates cut a strand of rope. This freaks Grover out, and an uneasy Percy ditches Grover and goes back to his house. His mother Sally, suggests they take a vacation to the beach at Montauk, and he gladly accepts. That night at the beach, a distraught Grover approaches them and tells them that Percy needs to come with him. Percy is confused, but Sally seems to understand and tells them to get in the car. On the car road, Grover reveals himself to be a satyr, and has been watching over Percy for the past year, protecting him form monsters. His bizarre encounter with the Fury is proven true, and their car crashes in the storm. They continue to their destination by foot, but the Minotaur catches them. Grover and Percy make it up the hill to their destination, but Sally cannot enter, and is caught by the Minotaur and disappears in a golden flash of light. Enraged, Percy confronts the Minotaur, and manages to break of its horn and stabs the Minotaur with it. Percy passes out from his injuries as Grover drags him up the hill to a lodge, where the last thing he sees are Mr. Brunner and a blonde girl.
Episode 2: We Capture A Flag
Percy wakes up in the lodge, his injuries healed, and Grover, Mr. Brunner, and a raggedy alcoholic are waiting for him. Mr. Brunner explains that he is not a latin teacher, but actually the mythical centaur Chiron, and that the myths of Greek legend are real. The alcoholic is introduced as Mr. D, Dionysus, who runs the camp. The blonde girl, Annabeth, daughter of Athena, then takes Percy on a tour of camp, introducing him to the concept of gods and their children, demigods. Percy is taken to the Hermes cabin, where he will be staying as he has not been claimed by his heavenly parent, and meets Luke, the counselor of the Hermes cabin. He also meets Clarisse, the tough daughter of Ares, who forces Percy into an initiation by attempting to dunk his head in the toilets. However, the bathroom plumbing explodes, drenching Clarisse but not Percy, infuriating the girl. Percy gets adjusted to camp, meeting several people including Connor and Travis Still, sons of Hermes, Charles Beckendorf, son of Hephaestus, Katie Gardener, daughter of Demeter, and Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite. That night, the camp has an organized game of Capture the Flag, with it being essentially Athena and Hermes vs. Ares and Apollo. Annabeth has Percy patrol an out of the way part of the forest, and is ambushed by Clarisse and a few other Ares kids as revenge for the toilet incident earlier. Percy is overwhelmed and repeatedly hit by Clarisse, but falls into the river and is able to then beat her. This was all a ploy for them to distract and win CTF, but everyone comes to see Percy being healed by the river and are shocked to see a trident above him, meaning Poseidon claiming him as his son. The next day, Mr. D, Chiron and Annabeth call Percy to the Big House, where they reveal that no child of “The Big Three” have existed in over 70 years because of an oath they took to prevent a prophecy. They also reveal that someone has stolen Zeus’s lightning bolt, and Percy is the culprit. Mr. D allows Percy to go on a quest to prove his innocence and find the bolt from who he believes stole the bolt, Hades. Percy receives his prophecy from the Oracle in the attic, along with a gift from Luke, a pair of winged shoes, and then he, Annabeth, and Grover go out on their quest.
Episode 3: I Plunge to My Death
Percy gives Luke’s shoes to Grover, as he doesn’t have any magical equipment, like Percy’s sword or Annabeth’s hat. The three of them board a bus heading west, and a trio of old woman board with them. Percy initially thinks they are the Fates, but it is actually the Furies, who attack shortly after the bus takes off. They are able to escape the bus before it explodes, and run into the New Jersey forest. They walk for a few hours until they come upon Aunty Em’s Garden Emporium, a store on the side of a highway. They meet Aunty Em, who offers the children food, but realize that the stone statues in her store are actual people, and that she is Medusa. Using a mirror to be able the see Medusa without looking at her, Percy decapitates her, and mails the head to Olympus to be rid of it. Using the money in the store, they are able to buy train tickets as far as St. Louis. On the train ride we get a bit of backstory about Annabeth’s past, how she ran away from home, her relationship with her parents, and her being stuck at Camp Half-Blood for the past 5 years. They get off in St. Louis, and they transfer trains to Denver, but their is a layover. While waiting for the train to Denver, they decide to visit the Gateway Arch. They are attacked there by the monster Echidna and her pet the Chimera. Grover and Annabeth are able to make it down the Arch, but Percy is poisoned and cannot defeat the Chimera. He jumps through a hole in the side of the Arch, and lands in the Mississippi. He discovers that he is not dead, and that he can breath underwater. A Nereid appears to him, encouraging him to visit the ocean before he goes to the Underworld, and Percy is able to climb out of the river.
Episode 4: A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers
Percy regroups with Grover and Annabeth, and they get on the train to Denver. They are dismayed that their is no further train travel west, and that they will have to find another way to travel west to LA. They are approached by Ares, who offers them a trade of retrieving his shield from a nearby abandoned water park in exchange for transportation west. Percy and Annabeth go to the water park while Grover stays with Ares. While looking, the rivalry between Athena and Poseidon is explored, explaining why Annabeth has been a bit standoffish. They find the shield, along with Aphrodite’s Scarf, but are caught in a trap made by Hephaestus to trap his wife, Aphrodite, cheating with Ares. They endure the trap, and return to Ares with the shield, although angry that Ares didn’t warn him. Percy snarks at him and angers Ares, although he does provide transportation via an animal truck. He also tells Percy that his mother is indeed alive, being held hostage by Hades. On the truck ride, Annabeth’s reaction to the trap and spiders is explored. Grover also explains how he found Thalia, Luke, and Annabeth, and how he got them to Camp Half-Blood, although Thalia sacrificed herself and was turned into a tree to preserve her life. The truck ride stops in Las Vegas, short of their destination of Los Angeles, although they still have 5 days before their deadline. They stop at the Lotus Hotel and Casino, and are greeted warmly and given accommodation despite having no money to pay for it. After perusing the casino for a bit, Percy realizes that another boy there thinks the year is 1977. After a bit of investigating, they discover that there are people from various times there, and that the hotel makes time pass at an accelerated pace relative to the outside world. They immediately leave and are relieved that it is still the same year, but are dismayed to learn that several days have passed and they only have one day left before the solstice. Using a credit card from the hotel, they are able to pay for a taxi ride from Vegas to LA.
Episode 5: We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of
When they arrive in Los Angeles, they stop at the ocean like the Neried instructed. Percy enters the water and meets her again, where she gives him three pearls on behalf of his father, and advice to only use them when in great need. While he is in the ocean, Annabeth and Grover find the address to DOA Records, the entrance to the underworld. When they arrive, the attendant, Charon, will not allow them to pass because they are not dead and they cannot pay for passage. Grover produces a golden drachma, which Charon accepts and ferries them across the River Styx. They then come across the actual entrance to the Underworld, where the 3 Furies are patrolling along with Cerberus, the three headed dog. They evade the Furies, but are caught by Cerberus. Annabeth plays fetch with him, allowing the trio to pass. While passing by the entrance to Tartarus, Grover’s shoes, the gift from Luke, start dragging him to the pit. He is able to kick the shoes off before he is dragged into the depths, but the trio wonders if someone had cursed his shoes. They finally meet with Hades, and they are both under the impression the other is the thief of the lightning bolt and Hades’s Helm of Darkness. Percy realizes he has been set up by Ares when he discovers the bolt is in his backpack, given to him by Ares, in an effort to start a war between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Hades tries to bargain for the bolt using Sally’s life, whom he currently holds. Percy refuses, and they use the pearls to escape the Underworld via the sea. When they return to the shore, Ares is waiting for them, surprised that they made it out alive. He reveals Percy was supposed to die, to kickstart the war. Percy duels Ares, and manages to wound him. Ares decides not to kill him after what seems like divine influence, and they secure both the bolt and the helm. Percy delivers the helm to Mrs. Dodds, who pursued them from the underworld to absolve him of the crime. The trio then risks a flight back to New York to deliver the bolt to Zeus on Mt. Olympus, and manage to due so before the deadline. Percy briefly meets Poseidon for the first time, and he says he is proud of Percy, and that Sally has been returned to New York by Hades. Percy returns to camp, and enjoys the rest of the summer with his new friends. At the end of summer, as everyone is preparing to leave, Percy and Luke hang out in the woods, where Luke lets loose a deadly scorpion on Percy, revealing himself to be the Lightning Thief on behalf of Kronos, and voices his frustration with the gods neglecting their children and asks Percy to join him. Percy refuses, and the scorpion stings him, leaving Percy to stumble back to camp before he dies. Chiron is able to cure Percy, and he, Percy, and Annabeth discuss Luke’s betrayal. Annabeth then leaves Camp Half-Blood for the first time in 5 years, going to try and reconnect with her step family. Percy then leaves camp, meeting his mom, and repeating his warning to any half-bloods who might be listening.
Season 2: The Sea of Monsters
Episode 1: I Play Dodgeball with Cannibals
Percy has a dream of Grover running from a cyclops in a wedding shop, and he hears an unknown voice taunting him. When he wakes up, he sees a shadow outside his window that disappears when he looks at it. Percy then goes to school, where he and his awkward friend Tyson are stuck playing dodgeball. Their opponents turn out to be Laistrygonian Giants, who summon explosive dodgeballs in an attempt to kill Percy. He is protected by Tyson, who is unaffected by the heat and lethality of the balls. Annabeth appears and saves the two by stabbing the last giant in the back. The gymnasium they were in has taken significant damage, so they flee the scene and call upon the Gray Sisters and their taxi. The Gray Sisters accidentally reveal crucial information about Percy’s future, and he blackmails them using their one shared eye. When they finally reach Camp Half-Blood, they discover it under attack by two Bronze Bulls. Annabeth explains that the tree that protected the camp from monsters, Thalia’s tree, had been poisoned and was dying, allowing monsters in. After being granted entry by Annabeth, Tyson is able to subdue one of the bulls with help of his heat resistant person, and Clarisse manages to subdue the other one with the help of Percy. Percy finally realizes that Tyson is a cyclops, which was why he was able to defeat the bulls and the giants earlier. Because Tyson is a cyclops, and Poseidon is the father of all cyclops, this makes Tyson Percy’s half-brother (although he is not a demigod, he is a monster).
Episode 2: Demon Pigeons Attack
After the fight, Percy learns that Chiron has been fired from his job at camp, because he is a prime suspect of poisoning Thalia’s tree because he is the son of Kronos. He has been replaced by a man from the Underworld, named Tantalus, who is cursed with hunger and thirst but cannot eat or drink because he served human flesh to the gods. Percy is embarrassed by his relation to Tyson, because while he is good meaning, he is rather awkward, childish, and a monster. Tantalus announces that a chariot race will be held instead of their usual capture the flag. Percy and Annabeth fight over including Tyson on their chariot team, and briefly stop talking to each other. During the chariot race, Stymphalian Birds attack the camp, and Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson are able to drive them away via Chiron’s collection of opera music he left behind. Although they drive the birds away, Tantalus hates Percy and ignores that, heaping favor on Clarisse for winning the chariot race. He punishes Annabeth, Tyson, and Percy with kitchen duty. While on kitchen duty, Percy and Annabeth reconcile while Percy explains the vision he had of Grover in the previous episode, and Annabeth deduces he is trapped by Polyphemus, Jason’s enemy, in The Sea of Monsters. She also guesses that he holds The Golden Fleece, and that it could save Thalia’s tree.That night, at the campfire, Percy demands that Tantalus send a quest, revealing the information about the Golden Fleece, and the information the Gray Sisters gave him. Tantalus relents, and sends Clarisse, alone, on the quest. Percy wanted to take the quest instead, and while walking on the beach, meets Hermes, who convinces him to go on his own quest. He also mentions that he wants him to try and save Luke, believing there is still good in him. He gives Percy several gifts, including vitamins and a thermos filled with wind. Annabeth and Tyson approach Percy after Hermes leaves, and he explains there visit. The three of the them decide to sneak off, and Percy summons some Hippocampi to traverse the water to a passing cruise ship, the Princess Andromeda.
Episode 3: We Hitch a Ride with Dead Confederates
Shortly after coming aboard the cruise ship, they discover that it is abandoned and that Luke is now using it to transport the fledgling Titan army. They are captured and brought to Luke, and discover that his true intentions are to resurrect Kronos using the Golden Fleece and help him overthrow Olympus. Percy and Annabeth again refuse his offer to join them, and they are able to escape the Titan army by jettisoning a lifeboat and using the thermos Hermes gave them as an engine. Tyson pilots them to Virginia while Percy and Annabeth sleep. When they wake up, Percy tells Tyson to go find them some food as a way to speak to Annabeth in private about her obvious animosity with Tyson. Annabeth explains that she has an aversion to all cyclops due to a bad experience in her childhood, but before she can expand Tyson returns with food. Percy is surprised, because they are in the middle of nowhere, but he discovers a convince store, Monster Donut. They are suspicious, and it turns out it is connected to the life force of the Hydra. Percy fights the Hydra, but is unable to defeat it as it keeps growing heads. They are saved by a Civil War battleship captained by Clarisse, who invites them on. Clarisse is obviously unhappy to see them, but accepts their help on her quest. They travel to The Sea of Monsters entrance off the coast of Florida, and have to choose between sailing into Scylla or Charybdis. Clarisse decides to try and sail through Charybdis, but sails to close to the cliffs of Scylla. Several crewmen and Percy are snatched, but Percy manages to free himself. The ship is unable to handle the strain of going through the whirlpool, and the engine breaks. Tyson volunteers to fix it, and while he is down there, the ship explodes. Percy is launched into the sea, through the entrance, but losing consciousness.
Episode 4: Annabeth Tries to Swim Home
Percy wakes up on a life raft, having been fished out of the water by Annabeth. Annabeth explains that she used the remaining wind in the thermos to guide them through the sea. She also managed to save a bag of supplies, including some food, some money, and the vitamins. She explains that she searched for Clarisse and Tyson but she couldn’t find them. The raft eventually washes up on an island, where they are greeted by a spa attendant. Annabeth and Percy are taken to separate rooms for a spa treatment, where Percy meets, Circe, the sorceress. Circe reveals that this is actually a prison for men, which she turns into guinea pigs. She turns Percy into a guinea pig, and then meets Annabeth, attempting to seduce her to abandon her quest and join the ranks of her sorceresses. Percy believes that Annabeth will be tempted by the offer, and she asks for some time to consider the offer, Circe and her attendant leave, and Annabeth deduces that Percy is one of the many guinea pigs trapped in the cage in the room. She finds the vitamins in the bag and pours them into the cage, and the guinea pigs rush to eat them. The vitamins turn all the guinea pigs back into humans, one of them being Blackbeard. The pirates rampage against Circe, and Annabeth and Percy use the distraction to escape aboard one of the ships docked there. After sailing for a bit, Annabeth expresses her desire to hear the song of the sirens, a famous monster that dwells in the Sea. Sailors who hear their song realize their deepest desires, but are killed upon searching for the song. Annabeth devises a plan to have Percy block his hearing and tie Annabeth to the mast, so that she can listen to the song without swimming to their death. As they pass by the Sirens, Annabeth begs Percy to free her, but he turns away from her. When he looks again, Annabeth has used a knife in her pocket to free herself and swim towards the shore. Percy swims and saves her from reaching the shore, and they return to the ship. Annabeth reveals that her fatal flaw is pride, and she relates the story of why she hates the cyclops. We flash back to a young Luke, Annabeth, Grover, and Thalia on the run to Camp Half-Blood, where they are kidnapped by cyclops who almost kills them all, and scarred Annabeth emotionally. As she finishes telling the story, they arrive at Polyphemus’s island.
Episode 5: Nobody Gets the Fleece
Percy and Annabeth land on the island, and discover another ship there, indicating that Clairsse or Tyson or both have survived and made their way there. They discover that Polyphemus kidnapped Grover because he thinks that he is a female cyclops and wants to marry him. They sneak inside the cave by hiding on the underbelly of Polyphemus’s sheep, and see that he has captured Clarisse and is preparing her as dinner. She reveals that Grover is not a female cyclops, and actually a satyr. Polyphemus switches his plan, intending to marry Clarisse and eat Grover. Percy and Annabeth confront him, and Annabeth uses her hat to become invisible and tricking him into thinking he was being attacked by Nobody. Tyson is able to remove the boulder that blocked the entrance to the cave, and help everyone escape. Polyphemus realizes Tyson is a cyclops, and explores him to kill the intruders and help his brother. He asks Poseidon to curse his enemy, like he did with Jason, but Percy is confident he will not. Tyson is seemingly torn, but does not help Polyphemus, and the five of them manage to escape with the Golden Fleece, leaving Polyphemus cursing Nobody for besting him again. They make their way back to Miami via Hippocampi, and everyone agrees to send Clarisse back to camp via plane, using the little money they had left. Clarisse is at first reluctant to do this, as she does not want to leave her friends behind, and that she does not deserve to succeed in her quest when Percy did a lot of the work, but she eventually does. Tyson and Percy have a discussion about Polyphemus, where Tyson reaffirms his brotherhood with Percy, calling Polyphemus fat and spoiled and arrogant, and that they are not brothers. As they start to head back to New York the long way, they are again captured by Luke aboard his cruise ship. Luke plans to let Percy due the heavy lifting and steal the fleece, then take it from him, but he is foiled when he reveals Clarisse is already on her way back with he fleece. Percy then creates an iris message to Camp Half-Blood and gets Luke to admit that he poisoned Thalia’s tree, not Chiron. The camp, including Mr. D, hears this, and banishes Tantalus back to Hades. Luke cuts the message, and duels Percy, severely injuring his leg, but are saved by Chiron and his centaur brethren. They all travel back to Camp Half-Blood, where they place the Golden Fleece on Thalia’s tree and recuperate. One night, they discover a girl lying at the base of Thalia’s true, with Chiron commenting that the Fleece did its job too well. The girl reveals herself to be Thalia, daughter of Zeus.
Season 3: The Titan’s Curse
Episode 1: My Rescue Operation Goes Very Wrong
6 months after the previous season, Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth are meeting Grover at a boarding school to collect two powerful demigods Grover had found there. Thalia demonstrates her ability to manipulate the mist to infiltrate the school, who are in the middle of a school dance. Grover meets up with them, and identifies the two demigods: Bianca and Nico di Angelo. He also points out Dr. Thorn, the vice principal who Grover suspects is a monster. Percy and Annabeth dance to blend in, and Percy notes that she has ages since their last meeting. Percy sees Dr. Thorn walk out of the building with the two, and he follows by himself, as the others are not readily available. Dr. Thorn transforms into a manticore, and stabs Percy with a thorn, poisoning him. Percy mentally calls out for Grover for help, and stalls Dr. Thorn, getting him monologuing about ancient monsters awakening. Grover, Thalia, and Annabeth show up, and Dr. Thorn attacks. They are saved by a volley of silver arrows fired from the bushes. It is the Hunters of Artemis, and they are about to kill the manticore when he grabs Percy and Thalia, who have both been wounded. Annabeth leaps on his back to rescue them, and the hunters shoot another volley at him. He falls from the cliff, taking Annabeth with him, and leaving no trace of either of them except Annabeth’s hat.
Episode 2: I Make a Dangerous Promise
Artemis appears and has the Hunters set up camp and meets with Percy. He is surprised to see that Artemis takes the form of a girl younger than himself. Percy conveys the message that Dr. Thorn had said about ancient monster reawakening, and decides that she is going to go alone to hunt a powerful monster. She places her lieutenant, Zoe Nightshade, in charge of the Hunters in her absence, but instructs them to wait at Camp Half-Blood until her return. Bianca also chooses to join the Hunters, instead of become a demigod at Camp, which Percy objects to but does not stop. Artemis calls her brother, Apollo, and has the demigods and the Hunters drive to Camp Half-Blood via the sun chariot. Apollo lets Thalia drive, being a daughter of Zeus, lord of the skies, but the ride is rough because Thalia is deathly afraid of heights. They crash into the lake at camp, and Nico is lead to the Big House to talk with Chiron and Mr. D, who forbid Percy and Thalia from going after Annabeth on their own. That night, Percy dreams of Annabeth being tricked into holding up the ceiling of a cavern by Luke, and Percy realizes that she is actually carrying the sky, the burden of the Titan Atlas. Percy confides this in Grover, who tells him that he overheard Annabeth and Thalia discussing joining the Hunters. Percy attempts to speak to the oracle, but the oracle is silent. While training with Thalia and the Hunters, Percy and Thalia get into an argument with subtext about Annabeth, and they come to arms when the oracle walks towards Zoe and gives a prophecy. A meeting of the Hunters and the Camp counsellors is convened, and it is decided that Zoe, Thalia, Grover, Bianca, and a hunter named Phoebe will travel on the quest. Percy protests, but isn’t allowed to go partly because the Hunters aversion to men, and party because his motivation is mostly Annabeth. Percy has another dream in which Artemis takes Annabeth’s place holding the sky to save her life. Luke chains Annabeth up and holds her captive, as bait for the demigods. Percy wakes up to a pegasus asking for his help to untangle a sea creature. Percy helps the sea creature, who he affectionately calls Bessie, escape, and when he returns, he finds Nico eavesdropping on the Hunters. Donning Annabeth’s hat, he joins and discovers that Phoebe has become bedridden and they will leave without her. He stops Nico from trying to join the quest, promising that he will go on the quest and protect Bianca, which Nico accepts. Percy then trails the quest on horseback with his pegasus Blackjack, when he is caught by Mr. D, who toys with him. Percy convinces him to let him keep following the quest, and he eventually relents with indifference.
Episode 3: I Learn How to Grow Zombies
After following the quest for several hours, they stop at the Smithsonian museum. Dr. Thorn and a man referred to as The General are there, using fossils to create skeletal warriors, who will track and kill the questers using a piece of fabric with their scent. While invisible, Percy steals the fabric so they cannot get their scent, but instead the warrior get his scent. Percy meets up with the others and fills them in on the Annabeth, Artemis, and the skeletal warriors. Zoe is furious that Percy is here with them, but resigned to the fact that he must be part of the quest.As they are debriefing, the Nemean Lion attacks, and everyone is unable to pierce his hide. Using astronaut food, Percy is able to get the Lion to open its mouth wide enough for Zoe to shoot it, killing it. Zoe gives the pelt to Percy, who devised the plan even though she dealt the killing blow. Percy offers to leave since the skeletons are pursuing him, but Zoe insists that he now part of the quest, and she will not leave anyone behind. The run away and share a fire with a homeless man in a train yard, who speaks in rhyme and is actually Apollo in disguise. They board a train and head west to New Mexico. Percy has another dream, in this one he is receiving Riptide from a girl he does not recognize. They are taking a small break when Grover passes out and the skeletal warriors attack again. Bianca is able to permentanly kill one, although no one knows why. Grover recovers, saying he felt the presence of the long lost Pan along with a gift from him, the Erymanthian Boar. They hitch a ride on the Boar who carries them further into the desert towards San Francisco. They disembark in the junkyard of the gods, where Zoe warns them not to take anything. Percy meets with Aphrodite, who has taken an interest in the relationship between Annabeth and Percy. Percy denis this, but Aphrodite insists. She also mentions that when they get to San Francisco, they should find Nereus, to give them important information. They walk through the junkyard without incident, although when they leave, a giant statue, Talos, comes to life and starts attacking. Bianca reveals that she had taken something, a little statuette as a gift for her brother. Bianca sacrifices her life in order to defeat the statue, entrusting the statue with Percy to give to Nico. The statue is defeated, and the four remaining lament their loss with realization as the prophecy given comes true.
Episode 4: I Have a Dam Problem
The group finds a truck in the junkyard and drive until they reach a river, and they steal some canoes to head upriver. They go as far as they can, reaching closer to the Hoover Dam. Grover and Percy lament the fact that Annabeth isn’t there to see it, as it is her favorite architecture. They visit the landmark in order to find some maps to get to San Francisco. Percy separates himself when he hears Bessie mooing, and he wonders what the creature is doing all the way up here. Bessie alerts him to the skeletal warriors, who are closing in on the group. As he tries to escape, he gets stuck with a tour group who descend lower into the dam. The tour guide seems to be Athena, who gives Percy cryptic advice on how to escape this situation. Percy manages to evade the skeletons, but is surprised by a mortal, whom he mistakenly attacks. Luckily, the sword cannot harm mortals, but she notices the oddity unlike all the other mortals. Percy tries to manipulate the mist like Thalia did earlier, but it does not work. The girl, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, sees the skeletons and throws them off Percy’s trail, allowing him to regroup with Thalia, Grover, and Zoe. He alerts them to the warriors, and Thalia prays to her father for a means of escape, and he sends giant metal statues of angels to carry them off to San Francisco. During their flight, Thalia confides in Percy that she is terrified of heights, which is why she has been hesitant to do anything involving the skies. When in San Francisco, they heed the advice of Aphrodite and visit Nereus, who tries to escape but Percy forces him to tell them whatever it is they need to know. He informs them of the powers of Bessie, who is the master that Artemis was hunting. Whoever burns the entrails of Bessie gains the power to overthrow Olympus. Dr. Thorn shows up, and tries to seduce Thalia to kill Bessie and take the power for herself, but she resists. They get a message to Camp Half-Blood, and Mr. D saves them by killing Dr. Thorn. Percy decides to send Grover and Bessie to Olympus, and sacrifices the Nemean Lion pelt to Poseidon to ensure they get there safely. After this, Zoe, Thalia, and Percy visits Annabeth’s father’s house, where they borrow his car to travel to Mount Tam to save everybody. He wants Percy to tell Annabeth that she will always have a home with him.
Episode 5: A Friend Says Goodbye
They reach the entrance to Mount Tam, the Garden of the Hesperides. Zoe reveals that she use to live there with here sisters until she helped Hercules steal from the tree protected by Ladon, a giant dragon, and that her father is Atlas. She was banished from the Garden, and told never to return. Zoe distracts Ladon while Percy and Thalia sneak past to Mount Tam. Zoe seemingly makes it, but is bitten by Ladon and is poisoned. They find Artemis holding up the sky, and are taunted by Luke and Atlas, who are holding Annabeth hostage there. Thalia engages Luke in a fight, while Percy and Zoe attack Atlas. Learning he hopelessly outmatched, he instead goes to Artemis and takes her burden while she fights Atlas. In the ensuing fight, Atlas kills Zoe by throwing her against the rocks, while Thalia defeats Luke when falls into a hole and disappears. Artemis forces Atlas into a position where Percy can foist the sky back on Atlas, forcing him to retake the burden. They rescue Annabeth, and everyone heads back to Olympus, but not before Artemis memorializes Zoe as a constellation in the sky. Annabeth, Thalia, and Percy are summoned to a meeting of the gods, where Thalia announces her intention to join the Hunters of Artemis, stopping her from reaching 16 and fulfilling the prophecy. Percy is relieved that Annabeth did not express interest in joining. Ares and Athena suggest killing Percy before he turns 16 so he cannot fulfill the prophecy, but Poseidon and Artemis convince them not to. They also allow Bessie to live and live on Mount Olympus. Percy has a brief meeting with Athena, who informs her of her disapproval of his relationship with Annabeth. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover return to Camp Half-Blood, where Percy realizes he needs to tell Nico that Bianca died on the quest.Nico is furious that Percy did not keep his promise, although Percy tries to give him the statue that she died for. The remaining skeletal warriors appear, still hunting Percy, and Nico in his rage opens a fissure in the Earth that swallows them. Nico leaves the camp, and Percy realizes that his godly parent is Hades, another of the Big Three. When he and Annabeth are talking about Nico later, Grover interrupts, excitedly telling them he has heard the voice of Pan, long missing.
Season 4: The Battle of the Labyrinth
Episode 1: I Battle the Cheerleading Squad
Percy is at his freshmen orientation when he notices that Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the mortal he met at the Hoover Dam, is there as well. Rachel tells Percy that two of the cheerleaders are monsters, and flees to the gymnasium, where Percy follows. Kelli and Tammi, two empousai, attack them, and Percy kills Tammi but Kelli gets away. Having caused damage to the school, Percy and Rachel flee when they run into Annabeth, who had come to meet Percy for a date. Rachel tells him that she will come up with a story to cover, and that he and Annabeth go on their way. They arrive at camp, and Annabeth leaves to talk with Clarisse about a secret mission. Percy meets the new sword master, Quintus, and his pet hellhound Mrs. O’Leary. Percy is wary of him, but Chiron vouches for him. Chiron, Percy, Annabeth, and Clarisse go to the woods where Grover is being accused of heresy for proclaiming that Pan spoke to him. He is given one week to find Pan, or he will be exiled from nature. Later, Tyson returns from his home under the seas and fixes Percy’s shield that was previously damaged. That night, he receives a message from someone, showing him that Nico is conversing with the dead, who are advising him the to bring someone back to life requires the taking of someone’s life. Percy thinks that Nico will be coming after him to kill him. The next day, while scouting in the woods, Percy and Annabeth are attacked by some scorpions, and they hide in some rocks, and fall into a dark cavern. Annabeth freaks out, and they quickly find their way out. Annabeth reveals that they fell into the labyrinth, and she has been working with Clarisse to discover it, as she fears Luke may use it as an invasion of camp. Annabeth receives a quest to find Daedalus to control the maze, and she takes Grover, Percy, and Tyson into the maze.
Episode 2: I Scoop Poop
The maze is dark and confusing, and they end up going in circles for a bit. When they come upon two diverging pathways, the Roman god Janus, who offers a key to one of the doors, but forces Annabeth to make a chance while trying to confuse her. Before Annabeth chooses, Hera appears and drives Janus away, saying she has only postponed Annabeth’s choice, but offers her a wish. Annabeth wishes for a way to navigate the maze, and Hera tells her she already has what she wishes for. The path they end up taking leads them to Alcatraz, where Brirares, a hundred handed cyclops, is imprisoned by the dragon Kampe. They rescue Briares, but he is so disheartened by his imprisonment that he refuses to help. The foursome fends off Kampe, and return to the labyrinth. They come across a cattle ranch ran by Geryon, a three headed monster. Nico is also there, trying to make a deal with Geryon, but bristles as he sees Percy. Geryon imprisons Annabeth, Grover, and Nico, and agrees to set them free if he cleans the stables. Percy succeeds by summoning the water from seashells in the stables, but when he returns Geryon does not let his friends go. Percy attacks him, but because he has three bodies and three hearts, he cannot be killed unless they are all taken out at the same time. Percy takes a bow from the ranch, and with a prayer to Hera, shoots all of his hearts out simultaneously. Geryon’s rancher, gives them a compass to find Hephaestus, who can guide them to Daedalus. Nico refuses to accompany the quest, and summons the ghost of Bianca, who reveals she sent the message about Nico to Percy. She tells him not to blame Percy and to remember not to hold a grudge. Nico forgives Percy, but still refuses to travel with them. Annabeth and crew follow the compass, a spider, deeper into the labyrinth.
Episode 3: I Take a Permanent Vacation
Traveling back in the labyrinth, the four run across the Sphinx, who instead off giving a riddle, attempts to administer a standardized test. Annabeth is upset that this is not a good proof of wisdom, and kills the Sphinx instead. Continuing onward, they reach the forges of Hephaestus, who agrees to guide them to Daedalus on the condition they find out who is using his forges in Mount St. Helens. They traverse the labyrinth, and at a juncture Grover senses the presence of Pan. The team splits up; Grover and Tyson follow the scent of Pan, while Annabeth and Percy continue on to the forges. They discover telekhines using the forges to make a weapon for Kronos. Percy is spotted and they start attacking the duo. Annabeth kisses Percy as he protects the retreat, and eventually releases a tidal wave of water to put out the fires of the forges. This causes the volcano to erupt, and the eruption sends Percy flying literally out of this world. He wakes up on the island Ogygia, where a young woman named Calypso has been healing him. They are instantly attracted to each other, but Percy insists that he must get back to the mortal world to help his friends. Calypso reveals that he must make a choice: he can either stay with Calypso on the island and become immortal, or he can leave Ogygia and never return. While Percy mulls his options, Hephaestus arrives and explains to him what has happened. Percy caused the eruption of the volcano which woke the ancient monster, Typhon, who slept there. He also helps Percy how to navigate the labyrinth, and Percy decides to leave. Calypso is not suprised by his choice, but it breaks her heart regardless. She gives him some moonlace to plant back in New York, so that he will remember her. As Percy leaves, he ponders if this will be his biggest regret in life.
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